For as far back as I can recall E45 cream has been part of my winter routine,
I have very odd skin that reacts to the cold and causes my skin to become itchy 
and generally irritated - I have been to the doctors and it seems that allergy season in
the summer isn't quite enough for my fickle body it also dislikes the cold...cheers body!

Personal allergies aside the E45 range is a complete saviour if you have sensitive skin
as it is soothing, perfume free and even the body wash is soap free.
As mentioned I do use the cream on my skin in the colder months to soothe and calm
my irritated skin but do struggle with the texture - it is thick and not all that easily absorbed
but apparently great for the face and has a celebrity following including Cheryl Cole?

Of course E45 body lotion has been around for quite some time but new to the E45 line up is
E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion which is formulated for very dry skin,
I have normal skin on my body and it works just fine.
As to be expected with any body lotion it has a thin consistency that is pretty much instantly absorbed
into the skin without leaving behind any residue and gently moisturises and soothes as it goes.
E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion helps to lock in moisture which very dry skin lacks
and over the period of two weeks rebalances the skin so it not only appears healthier
but also feels softer and smoother too!

E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion* 400ml/£5.49 via Boots - link