Admittedly it is not the most photogenic mask

Now it's chilly most of us will be spending our evenings snuggled inside with a hot cup of something
and hopefully a good DVD or is you slightly more cultured than myself a book haha!
Well why not use the odd evening to pamper yourself and what better place to start than your hair
and this little fruity recipe for a conditioning hair mask should whisk you away from the winter
blues in no time!

One medium Mango
One large Banana
Any hair oil you desire (optional)

This is the simplest hair mask to make ever!
Simply chop up the banana and mango, pop in a blender and blitz to a smooth-ish paste.
Add a few drops of hair oil, pop on wet hair and cover with a dry towel and leave for up to half an hour.
Then rinse and shampoo as normal.

Banana's and Mango's both contain natural fats which condition and soften the hair.
If like myself you are not the biggest hair oil fan then this is the perfect chance to add a little 
to you hair, reap the benefits but avoid the nasty oily sensation.

Do you ever make your own hair masks?