I love Mojito drinks it is no secret and no they don't have to be of the alcoholic variety,
the scent of lime and mint is just so fresh that I knew I had to whiz up something home made
using mint, lime and sugar and this is how this scrub came about last Summer!

What You Will Need
1/2 of a Lime
A spring of Mint finely chopped or blitzed in the blender
1/2 cup Sugar - any type though brown sugar does make for a better scrub
3 tablespoons Almond Oil (You can use any carrier oil such as Olive Oil etc)

How to...
Squeeze the juice from the lime and combine with the Almond oil,
giving a gentle stir to ensure they are well mixed.
Next add the sugar and again stir to ensure all the sugar is coated in the mixture of lime and oil.
Finally add the chopped mint and once more stir.

This mix will not last any amount of time as the lime juice will dissolve the sugar over the space of a few hours just as water would but you can skip the lime juice and the scrub will last a few days.

This scrub is only intended for use on the body,
I have not tested this on my face!

Have you rustled up any D.I.Y beauty products recently?