Today I have another Autumn offering from Clarins in the form of their new
Ombre Minerale Eye Shadow's which come in 16 shades making it very hard to settle
on just one shade - isn't that always the case.

The packaging is very much what you may have come to expect from Clarins -
a pretty golden case which is small yet chunky in design.
There is no denying that is beautiful to look at but luckily it is practical in design
with a small but great quality mirror and a foam applicator which I'm truthfully not a fan of.
I have used Clarins make-up for a good while now and can vouch that not only are the compacts
a pretty sight to behold but they can with stand the daily knocks and bumps
of storage within a handbag.

As mentioned they do come in 16 shades - each shade more beautiful than the last
but I settled for a great everyday shade in the form of 08 Taupe.
For a Taupe shade this lacks the purple undertone that most shades of this description have
and leans more brown with a noticeable hint of grey that can read slightly lilac in some lights.
It is cool in tone and has a frost finish or you can apply wet for more of a foil effect.
I mainly picked this shade as I thought it would work well with my Naked 2 palette,
hey i'm nothing if not practical haha!

Truthfully I do find the texture of the Clarins Ombre Minerale Eye Shadow's
to be a little firm and dry but they do provide adequate colour pay off when used wet
or a subtle flush of colour when dry.
They do blend all that well wet but dry they are fairly easily applied and blended into the skin
albeit with a little product fall out but that is something I find Clarins eyeshadows fairly guilty of.
The selling point for me is the wear time, this is one of the few eyeshadows that last the pace on
my oily lids - 7 hours without primer and 10 hours with no signs of fading with a primer.
So yes they are not without their faults (but who isn't) but a great investment if you are prone
to oily lids like myself!

Clarins Ombre Minerale Eye Shadow in Taupe £16/2g via Clarins - link