This is my first foray with E.L.F cosmetics and I can happily say it won't be my last.
Why has it taken me so long to get around to testing anything from E.L.F?
Well in the U.K E.L.F is only avaliable via their online store and normally I prefer
having a nosey around make-up stands before making my order
but the next time E.L.F have a discount code floating around i'm in there like swimwear!

Truthfully E.L.F's non Studio Line will never win any awards based on packaging
as it is as basic as it can possibly be - a plastic flip open compact that does feel and look a little cheap
but its redeeming features are that the lid is transparent so you can see the shade with ease
and it does seem to be fairly robust.

"Achieve radiant shimmering colour with this luxe Glitter Eyeshadow. 
Create eye catching sparkling looks for any occasion with rich colours and vibrant glitter.
Apply wet for more intense looks or dry for a softer effect."

In the U.K E.L.F Glitter Eyeshadows come in seven shades,
I have Cowgirl to share which is a mid toned chocolate brown with pretty silver glitter
and a slight olive green nuance in some lights, in some ways it reminds me of MAC Club
due to the mix of brown and green but Club does have more of a reflective quality than Cowgirl.
The glitter in Cowgirl is minuscule in size and very fine so it does not irritate the skin or eyes.

For a glitter eyeshadow the formula is faultless, it is soft to the touch despite having glitter
well pigmented even when not used wet and easy to apply and blend.
You can layer it on without it caking or sheer it out without loosing the glitter effect.
E.L.F do recommend applying the shadows wet for a more intense look but I didn't really deem
that necessary as the colour pay of was pretty great without going down that route.
In terms of wear this also knocks the ball out of the park - un-primed it stayed put on my oily lids
for close to six hours but primed it really is a case of it staying in place until you remove it.
I wore it for 10 hours and it still looked fresh with potential to keep on going!

E.L.F Glitter Eyeshadow in Cowboy* £2.50/4g - link