Another post and another new MAC collection for you all!
This time I have some lovely new lipsticks which admittedly are more summer friendly
than Autumn inspired when it comes to the shade selection but it certainly is worth a look
as there is 8 lipsticks and 7 Cremesheen Glasses so hopefully something for everyone.

"A shimmering twist on an instant classic - Cremesheen Lipstick 
and Cremesheen Glass get infused with crushed pearl. 
Rich new colours with creamy texture and an advanced complex 
that locks in moisture and conditions. 
Light reflecting pearls add a high-shine shimmering finish."

Shanghai Spice 
Shanghai Spice is listed as a frosted neutral pink which on paper sounds rather rank
but luckily the shimmer does not translate at all on to the lips and instead coats them
in a muted pink shade that has a slight brown leaning with a lovely glossy finish.
This is a great mid toned nude shade but as it is a Cremesheen formula it is not the longest wearing,
I typically get around 2 hours from each application but I don't really mind touching up throughout the day,
on the plus side it is non-drying and comfortable to wear.

Coral Bliss
Coral Bliss is described by MAC as a frosted light coral but worry not it is not some
80's nightmare but a typical yellow based coral offering from MAC - think Everhip and Cut a Caper
and you have the general jist of things and again not a trace of shimmer just a glossy finish.
Okay it's not the most original shade nor is it one many will deem appropriate for Autumn
but my gosh is it a beautiful shade and perfect for any coral lover!
This wears exactly the same as Shanghai Spice.

MAC Cremesheen and Pearl Lipstick £14 each - link