Not much really caught my eye from MAC Styleseekers collection
but what I did pick up I adore and can see myself sporting all Autumn.
The collection is inspired by globe trotting Styleseekers everywhere
and draws inspiration from ladies who have a knack of finding treasures of the vintage kind
or perhaps at flea markets.
I didn't really get that from the promotional images, I see Morocco and things of that nature?

Anyway on to what I purchased and my thoughts...

MAC Mattene Lipstick in Fashion Nomad £14 - link

All summer long I have been rocking orange or coral lipsticks that have a strong orange tone
but I have been yearning for something a little deeper and more Autumn/Fall appropriate
and Fashion Nomad ticks that box wonderfully!

Fashion Nomad is a slightly rust toned orange that most would probably deem a terracotta shade.
This shade does have quite a red leaning and is most certainly warm in tone,
I personally adore it but I do feel that it may run a little too warm for some
so do pop in-store and swatch it before blind buying.
I've seen a few compare this to MAC's Morange and can safely say they are not alike,
this is no where near as bright (MAC So Chaud is a closer comparison) and is a much more approachable to wear an orange lipstick if you are a little colour shy.

MAC describe the Mattene formula as semi-matte but I feel they are selling themselves short
as I find it to be fully matte, comfortable to wear with full opaque coverage without drying the lips out.
I typically get around 4 hours of wear and really rate this formula especially if you favour matte lipsticks.

MAC Blush in Supercontinental (Satin) £17.50 - link

I made myself a promise not to purchase any more peach or coral toned blushes until next summer
yet here we are with a shade that MAC list as a "cute coral" and do you know what?
I agree whole heartedly!

MAC Supercontinetal is a bright yet light coral that has a slight yellow undertone
and veers more pink than orange but make no mistake it is most certainly coral.
Due to the yellow undertone this should suit most skin tones but as it is fairly light 
with not the best colour pay off deeper skin tones may find this to veer chalky/ashen.

When it comes to blushes I tend to favour matte formulas as they work best with my enlarged pores
but MAC Satin blushes do a great job of adding a light yet natural sheen to the skin without
going down the shimmer route.
If you want something that isn't matte but not frost based then I recommend MAC's Satin blushes
however I do find them to be a little less pigmented,  harder/drier in texture than any of the other formulas 
that MAC offer and not as long wearing - around 6 hours but hey that's what touch up's are for!

Have you bought anything from the Styleseekers collection?