I'm sure we all know that well groomed and defined brows help to enhance not only the eye
area but the entire face but what if like myself you don't feel the most equipped when it comes 
to filling in your brows...I tend to over fill and look like an extra from Desperate Scousewife's...eep!
Well worry your pretty head no more as Hi-Brow by LaLa have all you need 
and more to achieve perfect brows in the comfort of your own home!

Hi-Brow by LaLa is a small but perfectly formed kit that contains two powder segments -
one of colour to fill the brows and the other is a pale milky pink that is iridescent to highlight.
The kit also contains a duo ended brush which is fairly decent for a kit extra 
but the best part is the small almost hidden compartment that contains 3 brow stencils!
The compact also features a large mirror so you can fill and fix your brows on the go.

The Hi-Brow by LaLa kit comes in four shade options - I have Dark Brown
which contains a deep rich true chocolate matte brown powder which can be used with
either the stencils or on it's own to fill your brows, the powder it's self is finely milled
and super soft to the touch but not so much that it produces a tonne of product fall out
but blends seamlessly into the skin with next to no effort.
The colour pay off is superb one small swipe was all I needed to fill in both my brows
so it completely warrants it's price tag, which I original baulked at!
Unlike other powder products I have used on my brows this really does wear well,
I can easily get around 10 hours of wear without as much as the colour fading.

I previously mentioned that the kit contains 3 stencils which are not only great to fill your eyebrows
but wonderful to use as guides when it comes to plucking your eyebrows.
Simply choose the stencil you wish your eyebrows to best represent, fill in and remove
any hairs that are not filled in with colour...tah-dah perfect brows in seconds.
The stencils are robust, clean easy and after a few uses you will easily have the hang of
and be able to use in seconds.

Last but certainly not least is the addition of the powder highlighting powder
which is a light iridescent pink that is akin to the brow powder in that it is finely milled
and a little goes a long, long way.
You can use this on the brow bone to highlight or anywhere else on the face,
I particularly enjoy using it on my cheekbones and find it to give a beautiful light pink glow
to any area it is applied.

If you are looking for a do it all kit for your brows I really do feel that Hi-Brow by LaLa
is worth investigating as it makes light work of maintaining your brows
and if a dummy like myself can use it anyone can!

Hi-Brow by LaLa * is available at Lash Perfect Lash Bar and bylala.co.uk