Before I clock off for tonight I thought I'd share my pampering plans for tonight,
I think it is important to set aside some time at least once a week to have a little me time
and indulge be it with a face mask, a bubble bath and a book
or a cheeky snack and a polish change make a little time for yourself, you deserve it!

So this weeks plans include touching up my colour, a few areas look a little washed out
and less than fresh so tonight I plan on remedying that and treating my hair to an intensive hair mask -
a D.I.Y concoction of hair oil and thick conditioner with a warm towel!

This weeks mask is actually a 2-in-1 product from Neutrogena that I used to use way back when
but have only rediscovered in the last week so it's time to see if it still works as well as it used to.
I also plan on giving my now pasty skin a quick once over with Fake Bake's Self Tanning Mousse
and come bed time a good thick layer of Johnson's Dreamy Bed Time lotion.
My polish change for my tootsies this week is Revlon's One Perfect Coral
and I plan on doing another at home remedy, a sugar cube with a blob of liquid lip balm
to gently buff and polish my lips.

This weeks candle that I plan on winding down with Jelly Belly's Juicy Pear,
my gosh does it smell yummy.

Have a great Sunday everyone!