Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Handbag Hero #6 - Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream

The weather outside frightful (yep I did borrow that from a Christmas Carol) and I do hope
that you are not flooded if you reside in the U.K!
With the wind rattling my windows and the rain coming down in buckets I really can't think of
a better excuse to snuggle up in PJ's with a candle and indulge a little.

The recent cold snap has dried out my hands and I have been on the quest for a good hand cream,
not just one that moisturises but one that provides a barrier and heals any little cuts I may have.
Step up Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream!

"Protect the precious skin on your hands with our super smoothing and exquisitely fragranced
cream to hydrate, plump and keep the visible signs of ageing at bay.
We've added naturally active anti-oxidant rich Arctic cloudberry, soothing camelia and kukui nut oils
with super smoothing organic Shea butter.
Our fragrant rose essential oil blend softens, brightens and treats the skin on your hands to a daily
dose of velvet-ifying goodness!"

Now I think most know I am a bit of a rose addict when it comes to fragrance and this does
scratch that little itch but I do feel that as this scent is a little more complex than your typical
rose fragrance that it will appeal to most.
The hand cream itself is thick and like a balm but instantly absorbs into the skin and leaves
the skin feeling velvety soft with a barrier that not only protects against the elements
but fights off signs of ageing too, not to mention it can be used on the feet too!

The formula is wonderful but what is also great is the fact that the hand cream is made with 
love in the good ol' U.K with 98.8 natural ingredients and free from all nasties such as
parabens, sulphates and petroleum.

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream* £14.50/100ml and launches in early October
via Balance Me's web store - link

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  1. Hoi! wat een leuke blog zeg! ik ga je echt volgen! wil je mijn site die net is gestart ook bekijken? xxx Made p.s Mensen die dit lezen: Als jij ook een leuke blog hebt, zeg het en ik volg je via bloglovin <3 volgen jullie mij ook? :)

  2. This looks good, i really need to invest in a decent handcream :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Yes you do your hands will thank you come winter :)

  3. haha you really are in a Christmassy mood at the moment! The hand cream sounds lovely - Ive just started using the eye cream which I love!

    Rachel from x

    1. haha I do heart Crimbo ;)
      Ohh that is my fav eye cream ever let me know how you get on :)

  4. I love the packaging! x

  5. Seems like such a great product. There are so many great handcreams available already so it is always hard to choose and pick out the best out of the lot. I haven't really heard much about this brand but i quite like the fact that it is really natural and has a complex rose fragrance like you said. The packaging is clean and simplistic too which i like :) Thanks for sharing your opinions on this, it was interesting xxx

    1. Argh it is, in my opinion this is a really great all rounder but if you have really dry skin or need something more intense then this isn't it but I do think for most this will be ideal :)

  6. This sounds lovely - I love Balance me and all things rose. The NEOM Complete Bliss hand cream is pretty good too x

    1. This was made for you then! Ah yes that is beautiful, I finished mine sadly :(

  7. I really like Balance Me products! I need to use a hand cream more often, I have the Body Shop Hemp one and it's really moisturising

    1. I've heard such good things about the Hemp one but the scent is not for me, I do like The Body Shop's Almond one :)

  8. This sounds lovely I'm all for rose scented products these days :)


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