If like myself you have thick hair you will know just how much of a chore achieving 
straight hair can be, I can often get half way through straightening my hair and give up
as it's so much work and being hot and sweaty is not my idea of a good time.

Well if that sounds like you hair story then let me introduce you to Nicky Clarke desiRED Wide Plate Straighteners, not only are the absolutely gorgeous to look at in all their glossy red chicness
but they make straightening  long, thick and unruly hair a breeze.

With variable heat and a top temperature of 230°c, worldwide voltage and wide floating plates with advanced nano silver technology, this straightener has the substance to match the style, 
with performance and great features.

• Top temperature 230C
• Advanced ceramic heating technology
• Floating plates
• Ceramic
• Variable temperature
• Automatic worldwide voltage
• Salon length 3m cable
• Auto shut-off

I adore any styling product that allows you to adjust the heat setting as it can save you damaging your hair
from heat damage, the desiRED Straighteners can be adjusted in terms of heat to suit your hair requirements
and Nicky Clarke take the guess work out of it for you with settings for fine, medium, thick and max
heat settings - most days I use the thick setting, max is saved for those pesky bad hair days.
The floating ceramic plates glide through the hair effortless and do not snag or tug at the hair
and of like myself you are a little OCD about worrying "did I switch off my straighteners?"
you can rest easy as this wonder set of straighteners will shut itself off saving you fretting 
that you may have burnt the house to the ground!

The Nicky Clarke desiRED Wide Plate Straighteners get a big fat thumbs up from me
and my temperamental hair!

Nicky Clarke desiRED Wide Plate Straighteners* £79.99 - link