Did you know that the water in your area can affect how your shampoo and conditioner preforms?
In the UK we have three water types: soft, medium and hard and each presents it's own problems.
Area H20 have created three ranges of hair products to target these specific problems
and offer you the best products for your water type.

I live in Scotland which has soft water and apparently the main problem with soft water is 
that it has mineral deposits that cling to the hair and can result in overly fluffy and soft hair
that is a night mare to style, Area H20 for Soft Water has technology to attract the mineral ions
resulting in less fly away's!

Area H20 Soft Water Shampoo and Conditioner has a beautiful aquatic scent,
the shampoo lathers well and leaves my hair clean without stripping it of moisture or colour.
The conditioner is thick and adds moisture to the hair without weighing it down with the same great scent.
I have to truthful and say that they are great hair care products and do a great job of cleansing
and hydrating and I have noticed a significant reduction in fly away hairs and my hair hasn't
been fluffy after washing in a long while!

I will be investing in the hard water variations for my travels as that is when I experience the most grief
with my hair!

Area H20* products start at £7.95 via Look Fantastic  - link