I'm enjoying these pampering sessions a little too much,
if you are stressed out I can not recommend setting aside an hour or two once a week
and dedicating a little time to yourself doing whatever you enjoy most!

Tonight I am yet again using my Neutrogena 2-in-1 product as a mask as it works so well
with my blemish prone skin and is a lovely weekly treat.
I'm also going to put the new Nair hair removal product to test while in the shower,
speaking of showers I have a lovely treat for my legs - Fushi Anti Cellulite Oil.
I found two sneaky Aussie Miracle Moisture miniatures in a suit case so I plan on using them
to give my hair a well needed dose of hydration.
I'm going to sort out my nails both on my hands and feet using the Japonseque Manicure Kit
and going all matchy matchy with Essie Power Clutch.
If I'm not too blissed out I will quickly spritz myself with Sisley's Self Tanner which
you will seen in review form very, very soon.

Oh and my candle of choice is a 50p bargain from Morrisons,
it smells beautifully fruity - Orange and Passionfruit...yum!

Have a great Sunday everyone!