Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vaseline Pink Bubbly - Review

Vaseline's newest and limited edition addition to their already expansive Lip Therapy
line up is Pink Bubbly which is of course a Pink Champagne inspired fragrance
which I did worry would be a bizarre scent but now I have tested it I can report that it is
a truly scrumptious fruity tinged scent that is a treat to the senses.

"Luxury living is all the rage, but this time it’s all about letting your lips enjoy a champagne lifestyle. By popular demand, cult beauty brand Vaseline Lip Therapy has created an exciting and decadent new limited edition flavour, Pink Bubbly. Available exclusively at Selfridges, Vaseline Pink Bubbly has a gorgeous rosé hue. Enriched with champagne grape extract, this luxurious jelly will intensively moisturise and smooth, creating a perfectly kissable pout. Simply glide on over your favourite colour to give lips A-list colour that shimmers, or use over bare lips for a more natural demure look."

I know Vaseline is not everyone's choice for a lip balm as it is petroleum jelly
but I have used Vaseline most notably the Rosy Lips variation for years and have no complaints.
Much like the Rosy Lips version this also tints the lips with a light pink tinge and a glossy finish.
You can use this as a balm on it's own, over another lip shade for a glossy finish
or mix your own lip scrub using this and a little sugar!

I don't find Vaseline to heal the lips in any shape or form but it does add a quick boost
of moisture and a barrier which can be soothing particularly when it is a cold and windy day!

Vaseline Pink Bubbly* is limited edition and exclusive to Selfridges £3.49/20ml - link

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  1. Ah i want this SOSOSO bad!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love using Vaseline on my lips, as it really helps restore the moisture! I love the look of this, a shame we don't have it here in Australia!

  3. I havent seen this anywhere yet! I'm so excited to try it:D xxx

  4. I haven't seen this in the shops anywhere but its always being reviewed. I want to try this

  5. I know what you mean about Vaseline not healing..I need that in a balm so i favour Carmex..This looks glam though..x

  6. I love the tiny rosy lips gives, this one looks lovely too, vaseline does nothing for my chapped lips though :( x

  7. I dont usually go for vaseline (even though i have rosy lips, cocoa butter and creme brûlée) but I like it as a barrier over another more intense lip balm in the cold and windy months so perfect for the upcoming time of year. This looks great but I think I will have to skip as I have so many lip balms right now :( x

    Jessica x

  8. I hate to be a bore but my local Superdrug is selling this at the moment. Should it not be? I gave one away on Twitter yesterday... Maybe they shouldn't be putting it out yet but it's practically sold out... :)

    Helen xxx

  9. I don't know if these little Vaseline tins are exclusive to the UK or what, but I'm dying to get my hands on not only this one, but all the other kinds they have! The packaging looks so classy with the black and baby pink :) so fancy haha!

  10. I've tried all of the different types of Vaseline but always go back to the original, nothing moisturises my lips like it, i'm a bit phobic about dry lips haha

  11. I'm a complete Vaseline obsessive, I have at least one tin of every variety plus one of those giant Vaseline tin storage things to put them in haha. Got to get my mits of this, God knows when I'll next be in Manchester to head to Selfridges though!

  12. This sounds awesome! Will definitely have to try some!


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