You must forgive me for showing what is actually a Christmas palette
and will not be launched until October but I can honestly say that this little
quartet of beautiful bronzes and neutrals will fly off the shelves when it launches next month
so you may want to plan ahead - you should know in real life I winked as I typed this...that is all!

I say it time and time again but Clarins packaging really is the most beautiful casing I have encountered
and the always add an extra little glamour with the special edition products.
The Odyssey palette features a stunning and ornate pattern housed inside a large circle,
it is eye catching without being gaudy - something Clarins is king at!
As always the casing is strong and sturdy and not only features two foam applicators
but also a printed guide on how to apply the shades for a neutral but smoky eye effect.

The Odyssey palette is very much a neutral based quad with three variations of brown
and a bright bronze shade which is quintessentially Christmas in powder form.
So yes three brown shades - a light yellow based biscuit tone which has a slight shimmer effect,
a deep matte brown shade and a mid toned chocolate brown with golden shimmer 
and a bright golden bronze which is more glitter than eyeshadow.
Odyssey is pretty much a suit all palette but it does tend to steer towards the warmer end of
the neutral spectrum and will boil down to personal taste.

The three non glitter shades are finely milled and soft in texture, the beauty of these eyeshadows is that they have been formulated to be worn both wet and dry without any problems allowing you to create a multitude of looks from one small palette - day to night within minutes.
The glitter shade is the strongest in terms of colour pay off but I do find it a little troublesome
to apply and it does suffer quite badly from product fall out but other than that I have no issues
with any of the shades in the Odyssey line up!
I must stress that I have not wear tested any of the shades but as they are similar in texture
to the other Clarins palettes I have tested over the months I would estimate 4 hours unprimed (oily lids)
and up to 8 (perhaps more) with a good primer.

Are you excited for this to launch in October?