Now I have to level with you all and say that I have never seen an episode of The Only Way is Essex
(T.O.W.I.E) nor do I plan to, I know many adore the show and that is completely fine by me
but I'm more of a documentary kind of gal...each to their own eh!

However in my opinion fragrance is fragrance, you either like it or you don't
and I don't tend to look too much into the name splashed on the bottle,
I mean one of my favourite fragrances is by Paris Hilton (oh the shame).

As you may be aware newly launched a month or so ago is two new scents by the T.O.W.I.E
franchise - one for ladies and one for gents.
Love Addict is the female variation is a woody oriental accord with top notes of lemon anise
and raisin with floral heart notes.

It is not at all I expected from T.O.W.I.E in my head it would be sickly sweet and the wrong side 
of candy floss but it is not, Love Addict is a deep scent that would be better suited to night wear
and had a distinctive licorice fragrance that is softened by the floral notes.
It is unlike anything else I have ever tested and quite distinctive.

Would you or have you tested this? What are your thoughts?

The Only Way is Essex Love Addict EDT*  £17.99/100ml via The Fragrance Shop - link