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My First Experience with Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Cosmetics launched in 1996(1998 in the UK) by Dean and Davis Factor (great-grandsons of make-up legend Max), the Smashbox Cosmetics line focuses on long-lasting products designed to give a flawless look - Drew Barrymore and Charlize Theron are said to be huge fans.
With that in mind how could I not test some products?

Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer* 30ml/£25

"Our latest primer innovation! Our new oil-free, 60% water based primer is ideal for oily, 
acne-prone or sensitive skin."

This is a silky smooth light primer which is oil free and was formulated with oily/acne skins in mind.
It is of course light in formula and when applied provides a velvet soft surface which helps to 
blur imperfections such as fine lines and enlarged pores.
It also leaves the skin matte and helps to keep oil at bay throughout the day,
having oily skin myself I know how difficult it is prolonging make-up wear
and can vouch that this does a wonderful job of not only holding my foundation et al in place
but does indeed give the illusion of smaller pores and did assist with keeping oil at bay.
This is a pricey primer but as you use so little (i'm talking a pea size amount)
and as it has been formulated for troublesome skin types I do feel it is worth splashing out on
as it lived up to expectations and did not reek havoc on my skin which primers tend to do.

Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder* 4.8g/£18.00 

"Wonder how pro artists prevent make-up from melting away under the hot lights of a photo shoot? 
Introducing the first launch in our new Photo Set family!"

In the past I have tried both MAC's and E.L.F's version of this product and was so disappointed
that I swore never to use anything like this again but along came Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder
and pretty much changed my mind from the instant I applied it.
This white powder may look a little daunting in the pot but once applied it melts into the skin
adjusting to your skin tone and leaving behind no residue of product even when flash photography
is used. It sets any make-up and leaves a flawless soft matte finish without being heavy on the skin
or leaving the face looking caked in make-up...never a good look.
Surprisingly this works wonderfully well with my oily skin, setting my make-up with ease,
removing any traces of shine and helping to keep oil at bay throughout the day.
Again this is not the cheapest product out there but to be truthful the price is on par with the likes of MAC
only I personally find the quality far superior.

Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Colour* 15ml/£21

"Experience instant chemistry as your complexion is transformed from so-so to oh-so-glowing! 
The clear gel in this intuitive formula reacts with your personal skin colour!"

I have to be truthful and say that I did initially deem this to be another one of those novelty 
products and pretty much wrote it off before putting it to the test.
I really must learn to be more open minded as this is not only a fun product to use
but it gives great results too!
O-Glow is a gel blush which dispenses clear and adapts to suit your skin tone when applied
to the skin, as you would expect from a gel product it has a light texture which feels wonderful
on the skin and is very easy to apply and blend into the skin.
On my skin tone this turned to a bright fuchsia pink that is well pigmented yet allows itself
to be sheered out without too much work - I used my finger tips.
This blush settles to a matte finish and does not highlight my enlarged pores
but most surprisingly was that it helped keep my cheeks oil free for close to 6 hours
which is pretty rare for myself and the blush colour stayed fresh for around 8 hours too!

Smashbox Brow Tech to Go in Taupe* 2.9g/£19

"Get perfectly polished brows on the go. 
Our iconic Brow Tech is now in a portable, travel-friendly version. 
The double-ended component includes an angled waterproof pencil and a soft hold gel"

As far as pencil liners go I did find this to be quite firm in texture and did require a little warming
with my finger tips to properly use the product but once it has be heated it is very easy to use
due to the precision angled tip, which is great for filling in sparse patches without looking over done.
The Brow Tech to Go also contains a soft hold setting gel with comes with a spoolie that makes
application a breeze, unlike some gel products this dries to a soft natural finish and does not leave
the brows feeling stiff and sets the pencil product rather well so much so that I found it to wear
for 10 hours with potential to go further but my bed was calling.
Taupe is a great colour option for those with really fair eyebrows.

All of the above products can be found at selected Boots stores and via Smashbox's web store - link
I do recommend browsing their new collection Image Factory Fall 2012 Collection
it is amazing and full of the most beautiful Autumnal hues.

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  1. My favourite concealer ever was their High Definition concealer so I'm definitely interested in trying out some of the other products. The O-Glow has caught my eye. I'm intrigued to see results on many different skin tones with the same shade. :p x

    1. Yes that would be intresting wouldn't it :)

  2. thanks for this, I keep eyeing this up in Boots but haven't got round to trying anything. I'm quite tempted by that blush.

    1. Next time have a little look so many great products :)

  3. I really like the look of the powder, and I'm tempted by the O-Glow as well, great post :) xx

  4. nice!

  5. I love O-glow, it's a great little product, perfect for lips too!

    Beth @

    1. Ooh I didn't think of that great tip :)

  6. Great reviews hun, always been interested in the primer so glad to hear it works really well :) The O-Glow looks amazing and love how pigmented it is :) I have their 2 in 1 concealer which I love so think I need to invest in a few more of their products!


    1. Thank you :) that is on my too buy list and you have only cemented that I should buy ;) thanks lovely!

  7. Ive tried the primer and i love it! the o-glow looks interesting, might have to check that out next time i go boots :) xx

    1. It's fab isn't it :) yes swatch it next time you are in :)

  8. Great review, that primer sounds amazing :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. Im a sucker for any weird or unique type of blushes. I have to try out the O-Glow now

  10. That blush looks like lots of fun! And your skin in the background looks flawless, is that because you used the primer as a base?



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. Thank you :) but I think it is just the lighting...just my normal arm skin sadly haha!

  11. I cannot get over how bright that blusher is! I had to look back to see if it was a different product wooo!x

  12. I haven't tried smashbox's products yet because i have been fixated and overwhelmed with products from other brands and unwilling to try new products from an unfamiliar brand to me. However, i enjoyed reading this post because i have similar oily combination skin like you and it is great to know that there are products that helps with oil control. I am really looking into trying out the primer and the finishing powder :) Thank you so much for sharing your opinions on these products, it was really helpful xxx

    1. I'm so glad I could help :) having oily skin is a night mare!

  13. The O-glow looks amazing!! xx

  14. The blush is amazing! What a freak blush system! O_o

  15. The gel blush looks really amazing! I saw it at Sephora before but like you, just wrote it off as just another novelty item. Looks like I need to go test it again, haha!

  16. I have never used Smashbox and after reading this i can tell this may be an expensive month for me - Eeek!
    Daisy-May -

  17. I am a fan of Smashbox Cosmetics O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color. I love the pink color of this blusher. My cheeks look so natural when I use this product.


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