A high coverage lipstick that is non sticky yet glossy, has a sweet candy scent
that comes with a brush applicator with not a sniff of a doe foot wand in sight
and costs a mere £1.99!
Too good to be true? Well no actually...

Let's get the only slight negative out of the way shall we?
The packaging is a little clunky and does give the impression of the product being slightly on the cheap
side but at £1.99 it isn't exactly lying is it!
Never judge a book (or a gloss by it's case) as inside it features a soft, fine brush applicator
which is a complete joy to not only see but use!

The Vivo Lacquer Shine Lipglosses come in 8 shades varying from light nudes to bright pops of colour.
I have shade 7 - Essence to share this fine eve. Essence is a raspberry shade - a lovely blend of red and pink that will work on most skin tones and is what I deem a transition shade as it goes wonderfully well
with a golden summer tan yet has enough depth to look seasonably appropriate come Autumn.
Essence has a blue tone that will help give the appearance of white teeth and is a great alternative to
a bright bold red - it reminds me slightly of Revlon's Raspberry Pie Lip Butter only more pigmented
and in gloss form.

Glosses aren't notoriously well pigmented but this one offers high colour pay off with one quick
application, while being moisturising and comfortable to wear.
Truthfully I did find the gloss to bleed a little which is fairly noticeable given the depth of the colour
so I do recommend a quick slick of lip liner to minimise this problem.
With all glosses the wear time is fairly reduced when compared to a lipstick but as this is a deeper tone
it does leave behind a slight tint after the glossy sheen is long gone.
On average an application wears just over an hour on my lips but the stain left behind wore for around
3 hours.

Vivo Lacquer Shine Lipgloss* £1.99/4.1ml but currently on offer for £1.49 - link