I mentioned in an earlier post about Famous by Sue Moxley Cosmetics having an image re-haul
which includes some funky new packaging and a mix of brand spanking new products
coupled with much loved products from the past such as the baked bronzers.
Today I have probably my favourite thing from the launch to share - The Big Cat Eye Palette!

The Big Cat Eye Palette packaging won't appeal to everyone, for some it may be a little to garish
and that is fine I mean how boring would the world be if we were all in agreement with everything?
Being a massive leopard print lover I adore the metallic design!
Print aside the packaging is very practical, the eyeshadows are housed within a soft vinyl zip closure
pouch which is approximately the same size as a standard coin purse yet it contains 16 eyeshadows.
Being small yet sturdy makes it the perfect handbag or travel option, it also features a small mirror
and a selection of small applicators.

"There are technically four types of ‘big cat’ in the wild. (Buy an eye shadow kit, get a biology lesson, good eh?) Anyway the relevance of this is that there are four different colour families inside this 16 shade palette from greens and blues to neutral browns and purples. We’ve also included two shades of black to finish each look – generous! Depending on your mood, there are loads of different looks you can rock with this palette. Why not try Jazz all over the lid and Hypnotize through the crease? Finish with Pinky in the inner corner and you’re ready to go party ‘til the sun comes up. You’re sexy and don’t Famous know it! Get ready to pounce in your wild habitat - grrrrrr!"

Inside the Big Cat palette there is pop out colour guide which lists all 16 eyeshadow shades ( I prefer my cosmetics to have individual shade names, don't you?) and a blurb explaining why there are four colour families of eyeshadows inside - it is a nod to the four big cats in the wild!

The 16 eyeshadows do not all share the same finish some have a pearl finish, some are matte, others are glitter based and a few have a metallic sheen when applied.
Inside the Big Cat palette you will find neutrals, blues, greens and pink shades
as well as two black options - one matte and one metallic.

I obviously haven't wore or fully tested all 16 shades but I did test out one from each finish.
The matte shades aren't the best and do have a tendency to lean a little stark and chalky but
with a little patience and blending you can make them work, typically the matte shades wore for around 5 hours before creasing but keep in my mind I do have oily lids.
The metallic and pearl shades had the best colour pay off and were trouble free, such shades typically wore on my eyelids for around 7 hours before signs of wear appeared.
The glitter shades are a little prone to product fall out but are well pigmented without featuring gritty glitter 
specks, the glitter shades wore pretty similarly to the metallic options - around 7 hours.
I found all of the shades to be finely milled and easy enough to apply and blend out with only the glitter shades providing product fall out.

For me this is a travel palette, something I would pack for a fortnight in the sun with my friends
as it offers enough variety to see me through all occasions while being small in stature
and being relatively budget friendly.

Famous by Sue Moxley Cosmetics Big Cat Eye Palette* £8.99 - link
and also available in selected Superdrug stores.