I haven't shared anything from Mememe in a long while which is a shame
as they have lots of lovely products that are moderately priced too.
My favourite products from Mememe have to be their boxed blushes (coral is my favourite)
and their Long Wear Satin Lip Creams two of which I have to share today.

Mememe Long Wear Satin Lip Creams come in funky little boxes with Greek Goddesses on the boxes,
I have no idea why I enjoy this fact so much but I do!
Truthfully the lipsticks are packaged in pretty basic black oval tubes which remind me
a little of the GOSH lipstick line, it is not offending nor is it dazzling but it does the trick!
I should mention that the tubes are sturdy and the lipstick is well moulded so it shouldn't separate
from the inner container without a fight!

In the Mememe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream line there is 10 shades that range from pretty pastels
to deep vampy shades and all that is in-between!
Obviously with the lipsticks being marketed as a Satin formula none of the shades have a truly glossy finish
and tinker between an almost matte finish with a natural sheen.
This type of formula can be a little drying so you may want to use a little lip balm before application.
I found the Mememe formula to last on my lips (including eating/drinking) for close to three hours before
I required a touch up, deeper shades than the two I tested may wear a little longer.

Selene - Pashmina Pink
Pashmina Pink is a light milky blue toned pink shade,
truthfully I avoid this type of shade at all costs as they tend to look freaky on me and almost white
but as this isn't overly pigmented and only provides a light wash of colour it is not too harsh or stark.
Honestly I wouldn't wear this shade on it's own but would use it to tone down another lip colour!

Hemera - Coral Cloak
I do love a good coral lip colour and this slots nicely into this category!
Coral Cloak (try saying it out allowed it is a tongue twister) is a bright mix of pink and orange
with a yellow undertone which should lend itself nicely to most skin tones.
Barry M shade 147 used to be my favourite high street coral lipstick but as this one
is just as pigmented without being drying this has become my new favourite.

Mememe Long Wear Satin Lip Creams* are currently on offer for £6.50 each (£2 saving)
in selected Superdrug stores and via Mememe's webstore - link.