I hate to keep harping on about my oily skin but it really is the bane of my life,
make-up slides off and looking greasy is never sexy unless you like the "I've just done a 10 hours shift in the chippy" kinda look - if that's you please step away from the computer and seek professional help!
In all seriousness though I will try pretty much anything to keep the oil at bay which
has brought me and Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray claims to keep oil at bay for up to 16 hours,
while providing a matte weightless finish that also aims to allow make-up to wear for longer.
It's simple enough to use simply apply using the super fine mist spray (which it really is) before make-up
application and then again once finished to set the finished result.
Truthfully I am always a little wary about spraying my face with any product once I have make-up
on through fear of removing it all but I can honestly say this is not the case, yes your face will feel
a little wet for a few moments but once it soaks in (which it does almost immediately) you are good to go!

When I first bought this I was worried about this setting spray clogging up my pores and resulting
in a horrendous break out so I have been really through with the testing period and stretched it over 
a month as I really did expect my skin to erupt sooner or later.
Yet here we are 6 weeks later and no break out and that is using it daily, sometimes with a little
touch up the day has been particularly long!
Obviously I can't vouch for every skin type but my skin is pretty temperamental and had no upsets thus far.

So does it work?
Yes, yes it does! It allows my skin to be matte even in humid weather and it is pretty straight forward to use.
It doesn't feel heavy on the skin and once it's settled/dry it's undetectable both to the naked eye and in terms
of sensation too..nothing worse than your skin feeling clogged is there!
Over the month I have tried this with different bases and had pretty much the same result,
although it doesn't tend to be as effective with gel based foundations (Mac Studio Sculpt et al) for some reason but with others it worked beautifully keeping my skin matte and comfortable for around 10 hours.
Yes it does fall flat of the 16 hour claim and truthfully I don't find it to prolong my make-up
but it is wonderful for keeping the skin matte even in the oiliest situations (running in the Spanish heat...why I subject myself to these things is anyone's guess) which is good enough for me.

I do recommend this especially for my fellow oilies (can we really form a gang?) as it does what
no other product has managed thus far - keeping me shine free!
If you feel powders are lacking and need something a little more robust then I think you should give this a go.

I've heard brilliant things about De-Slick in a tube which I will pick up next,
what are your thoughts?

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray 118ml/£19 via The House of Fraser - link