Anyone who knows me or reads this blog will know I'm not a snob,
I'll try most things once and won't rate a product highly due to it's price point
but dear lord I am becoming a little snobbish when it comes to candles and I blame NEOM!
Of course I will forever be a bargain hunter but for a moment of opulence and indulgence
NEOM candles will be the candle of choice for me!

The newest scent from NEOM is Harmonise which is a blend of essential oils of Pine, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus which on paper (or cyberspace) may seem a little a little masculine and not necessarily the blend some of us would gravitate towards. Although deep and slightly heedy due to the Pine and Cedarwod notes 
it is surprisingly fresh and oddly cleansing due to the Eucalyptus oil.

I suffer quite terribly from hayfever and often have a stuffy nose due to this but I have found this to be a natural relief as Eucalyptus is often inhaled through inhalers or in balm form for colds/blocked noses etc
so not only does it beautifully scent the home but it helps to de-congest (in some cases) too!

As you may know each NEOM product scents the skin or home while looking effortlessly stylish
but each has been blended with specially chosen oils to offer a treatment for the mind too!
The Harmonise fragrance/blend aims to restore and help focus so it is prefect for habitual
scatterbrains like myself!

NEOM Harmonise Home Candle £39.50* - link