Dresdner Essenz is a German apothecary type brand from what I can gather (please feel free to enlighten me in the comment section if you know more) from the little information on the web - most of which is in German
and those two lessons I had way back in 1999 really don't offer much help.
Anyway it seems the brand has been around since 1910 and mainly uses natural ingredients such
as essential oils and focuses on bath and body products.

I really enjoy testing brands that are slightly trickier to purchase in the UK, okay it makes life a little harder
when it comes to sourcing but there is something pleasant about trying out a lesser known brand.
If you are reading this and thinking home girl has lost her marbles, I honestly wouldn't blame you.

Again from what I have seen online Dresdner Essenz products all come packaged with a slightly
retro feel, which I like too often now brands over complicate things with over the top packaging
and a really lack lustre product inside. 

For my morning shower I need something sharp and citrus based to attempt to awaken my sleepy head!
Lemon - Lime is the prefect choice as in this case you have all the zesty sharpness of Lemon
but with a refreshing hint of Lime which helps prevent the scent becoming too sweet and sickly.
Truthfully I have tried a lot of fruit scented body products over the years and will hand on heart say that
this has the more authentic scent, on the UK high street i'd say the only other competitor is Original Source.
I believe it is due to the fact both brands use natural fruit oils to scent the products rather than artificial

The shower gel has been formulated to be PH neutral so it does not strip the skin of any natural moisture
and is designed to be gentle yet affective in cleansing.
All of which I find to be true, it cleansed my skin effectively yet never felt drying or harsh.
It soaped up wonderfully be it with a loofah or my hands and when tested in my hair (don't ask I was half asleep and mistook it for shampoo) it did not remove any colour nor did it dry out my hair.
The scent is fairly noticeable when in use but once rinsed off it is really subtle and
doesn't really linger, which I prefer as I hate when scented body products interfere with my perfume.

As mentioned Dresdner Essenz is not readily available in the UK (to the best of my knowledge) 
so you will have to make do with the small selection available on Zalando - link
if you are German please feel free to recommend some shower products by this brand as I would
love to trial a few more pieces.

Dresdner Essenz Lemon - Lime Shower Gel* 200ml/£2 via Zalando - link