Looking outside it is hard to believe it is August, the sooner Autumn gets here the better!
I love Autumn, the crisp scent in the air, crunchy leaves, snuggly cardigans and socks
and most importantly in my book Halloween!
Before I get too carried away let's get on to what I rate for the month of July!

Benefit Sunbeam 
A lovely warm yet light golden bronze highlighter that adds a beautiful healthy sheen to any area of skin it
is applied to, I personally enjoy mixing a few drops in with my foundation for that "I'm just back from a
long, relaxing beach holiday glow"

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment 
I stupidly forgot to pick up a new tub of this and have now recycled my empty post so no photo of this item
but rest assure come tomorrow I will be stocking up on this now staple product.
If you are growing your hair out I insist that you at least give this a month trial
and I do highly doubt that you will ever look back!
Expect to see an update about this range before the week is up!

Mac Creme Cup Lipstick
I'm sure I have already stated that my last tube of this died a death in the Spanish sunshine
but since repurchasing I have not looked back since, it's some what similar to another Mac favourite 
of mine - Angle but slightly pinker and creamier. A great every day shade.

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation 
A new edition to my make-up bag but it has quickly woven a spell over my heart.
I enjoy how well it covers without being heavy, mask like or flat
but with a healthy radiant finish and is comfortable to wear.

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara 
I never got around to reviewing this when it first launched but basically it seems to be that
one that divides opinions...isn't that always the case with mascara?
Personally I really like how long and full it makes my eyelashes but the growth element i'm not
all that convinced on. However if you are looking for a good all round mascara that won't break the
bank then I do recommend it but beware it does have a tendency to smudge.

Yonka Pamplemousse
I received this within a sample box, a few months ago, truthfully I have ignored the instructions
(apply in the morning with other Yonka products) and have been using this day and night with
a serum and my oh my has my skin improved. My skin looks clearer, brighter and seems to 
be producing less oil. Once this tube is finished I will definitely repurchase.
I will do a full review on this product once I have three months have passed since using,
which is next month!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
Stop the press I have found my holy grail eye cream!
I have said it countless times before but I am obsessed with this eye cream,
it soothes, hydrates, heals and is a must for any like myself who are guilty of rubbing their eyes
and to think this was a freebie with Glamour Magazine!
I know of course own the full size and again will update once this has been part of my routine
for 3 months!

Neom Inspiration Hand Cream
Another magazine freebie but a product I would happily pay full price for!
This hand cream is sweetly scented - floral yet sweet, hard to describe but totally beautiful.
Fragrance aside it moisturises my hands and stops them from feeling tight due to soap when out and about.

What is your favourite product of July 2012?