I've had a few questions on what primer I have been using with foundation,
my reason for not out right saying is that I have been trying a good few new ones
and didn't want to prematurely declare my love only to break out in blemishes or a rash!

If you are a fan of simplistic, clean packaging then let me give you the a little nudge towards New C-ID
cosmetics, the primer comes presented within a twist up style tube that dispenses the product with ease
minimising waste and mess.

" I- prime will not only improve the appearance of the skin instantly but will allow foundation to glide on perfectly (even in those tricky areas) and stay on all day. I- prime is a light-weight serum that should be applied after moisturising, featuring skin-quenching shea butter and powerful antioxidant Vitamin E"

The texture of I-Prime is gel based but silky and very, very easily applied and absorbed into the skin.
One small pump of product is more than enough for my entire face and neck with ease
so a little goes a long way which is great given the price point.
Once on the skin , it evens and smooths the skin texture without being matte but adding a radiant glow
to the skin without adding shimmer to the skins surface, basically it add a glow and an instant boost of moisture - a my skin but better kind of product if you will.
You can of course wear this on it's own for a little boost but I prefer to use it underneath my foundation for prolonged wear and to help keep oil at bay.
When used with foundation I find typically my foundation is extended by up to three hours
and it makes even the heaviest of foundations comfortable to wear!

As we all have different skin types I'm sure some will be wondering if it is suitable skin types,
the answer is the only skin type I can see that may present some problems is sensitive skin
and that is only because sensitive skin can be unpredictable and there is no way of telling how it will
or won't react to a product until it has been applied/tested.
Otherwise I'd say you are good to go and yes that does include my fellow oily skinned amigos,
the added moisture does not affect my oily skin in the slightest.

Time trial - I have tested this daily for 10 days and will report back with a three month update,
to allow for skin changes/off days that sort of thing.

New CID I-Prime Primer* via HairTrade £27/30ml - link