Recently instead of shaving or slapping on some Veet Hair Removal Cream on my legs
I have been brave and used a home waxing kit, okay it's not exactly pain free
but once you get into the swing of things it is actually rather fuss free with long lasting results,
great for us hairy chica's... I may be alone on admitting to that haha!

Now if you are new to at home waxing like I was you are going to want an all in one starter kit
and the one I have been using is the UKI Candy Hair Removal Roll- On Kit - link
which contains everything you will need for your first wax including a wax heater, wax, fabric strips
and a post waxing treatment to instantly sooth the skin afterwards all presented within a cute travel bag.

Admittedly before this dabble with home waxing the furthest I have ever went with wax was my eyebrows
and even then I wasn't all that keen, I think it's the idea of some stranger ripping hair out of my body
that puts the fear deeply into me, however at home it's yourself that inflicts the pain which means you 
can be as brave or non-brave as you ruddy well feel. If you want to yelp you can do so with your pride intact, so the cat may give you a dirty look or two but you just remind her who buys the Felix cat food.

This kit is so easy to use, you plug in the wax heater and heat up your wax cartridge which has a roll on
method that dispenses just the right amount of wax with next to no mess or waste, then you apply and press firmly down on the strip and pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. For instance when waxing your legs you pull off you remove using the edge closest to your ankle/feet!. Is it pain but 
compared to being at the salon with over zealous waxers it is a breeze and you can do it while watching the
T.V to take your mind off of things. The after waxing solution is fabulous ( I use it after plucking my brows too) as it soothes the waxed skin and really takes the sting out while adding a quick boost of moisture!

I've saved the best part until last, one full leg wax has left me hair free for a full fortnight which I could never in my wildest dreams achieve with shaving or with the use of a hair removal cream.
With shaving to keep my legs hair free, I have to shave every third day and hair removal cream
gives me around five days if the hair gods are feeling generous!
The results by far outweigh the small ouch factor in my opinion and is now the way forward for me.

Do you home wax?

Time Trial - I have waxed both legs twice with this kit, 
I am plucking up the courage to attempt my eyebrows but through fear of royally cocking it up
I have yet to do this...should I do it I will share my results, missing eyebrows and all haha!

UKI Candy Hair Removal Roll- On Kit* £43.50 via The Hair Removal Shop - link