Thursday, August 30, 2012

SkinCeuticals Foaming Cleanser - Review

SkinCeuticals is a brand that i'm fairly new to experiencing
but I did take their Foaming Cleanser which helps to lift excess oil
and cleanse deep down to keep pores clean and clear.
I decided to take this on holiday with me in July but due to misplacing my camera HD
card and only finding yesterday I have had to hold off from posting this review for quite some time!

As with most foaming cleansers this comes presented within a pump style bottle 
which dispenses the product nicely but what I enjoy most about the packaging is that
it transparent which allows you to see at a glance when you are running low on cleanser!

In terms of scent there really isn't much to describe, sometimes it has a slightly chemical fragrance
but more often than not it seems to be pretty much fragrance free.
Being a foam based cleanser it has a light, fluffy texture than when applied to the face it melts
with contact and easily removes dirt, make-up and oil but do avoid the eye area!

I tested this out in a much warmer/humid climate than what I am used to 
and as a result of the temperature change I did find my skin to be slightly more oily than usual
so my skin really did test it's excess oil claims!
I have to be truthful and say that this does cleanse really well and over time I do feel it will give
the appearance of smaller pores which is wonderful if you have enlarged pores like myself.
However having said that I did find the cleanser to be a little harsh and instead of dealing with the oil
control aspect it dried out my skin which is not something that happens all that often.
I do enjoy how it cleanses deep down and did not break my skin out
but I couldn't live with the dry skin issues it presented but hey that is just my fickle skin for you!

Have you tried this, what did you experience?

SkinCeuticals Foaming Cleanser* £27/100ml via John and Ginger - link

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  1. Ohno shame it dried your skin out! I have massive pores too, anything that minimises then i love aha :)

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway :) x

  2. I love the idea of a foamy cleanser that deals with oily skin / pores, but I've just never found one that does without drying my skin out and in turn making it produce more oil. I've avoided foamy cleansers or a while because of this and my skin is much happier with balm / oil cleaners.


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