A little over a week ago I asked on Twitter what everyone's favourite indie cosmetics brands
happened to be and Fyrinnae popped up countless times within my timeline.
With that in mind I placed an order consisting of samples which in my opinion is the best way
to experience indie brands as most sample sizes are rather generous and well priced,
meaning you can test out a few shades before or without committing to full size products.
I ordered a variety of products from Fyrinnae but today I'm only sharing a few eyeshadows.

I have put off ordering from indie brands in the past simply because most of the products
come in loose pigment/powder form and being a walking catastrophe this formula and myself
never really bode well...imagine a vocal Mr.Bean in short, female form and you have me *hola*!
Anyway, yes these are loose pigments that come in small transparent screw top tubs
and contain 1/4 a teaspoon of product which doesn't sound like much but when it comes
to powder it is surprisingly generous!

I quickly want to mention that I also bought Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy which is essentially
a primer come eyeshadow base and heck even a glue, it truly is amazing and amplifies
the power and wear time of any eyeshadow loose or other wise but I will review that separately 
as it is a game changer!

Now on to the goodies, all swatches on the left of the photos are just the pigment on it's own
and on the right is the shade layered over the Pixie Epoxy.

Biker Chic
I inexplicably have a fondness for metallic navy eyeshadows and my grandmother of all people
is to blame for this - she bought me MAC Deep Truth when I was around 14 and I have been obsessed 
ever since and love using them in a smoky eye as an alternative to black eyeshadow.
Biker Chic is a deep navy almost black eyeshadow base scattered with micro fine royal blue
shimmer particles that dazzle and dance in the light.
I oddly prefer this shade when used without the Pixie Epoxy best but there is no denying it is a beautiful
shade regardless.

This is such a diverse shade, a black base jam packed with gold flecks of shimmer
that transform a mundane black shade into something special.
Bastet really comes alive when layered over the Pixie Epoxy but I like to use
it in the same way I would a liquid liner for a little added extra to my everyday make-up 

Fyre & Ice
Fyre & Ice appears to be bright metallic plum shade that again features shimmer particles 
but it is a black eyeshadow that features deep purple shimmer/fine glitter particles.
The reminds me strongly of MAC Beauty Marked but is slightly easier to use
and again looks it best when layered over the Pixie Epoxy.
Much like all the shades I have shown you thus far, this makes a great alternative to strong black
eyeshadow and is a brilliant shade to incorporate into a smoky eye look!

This is the only moderately light shade I bought and it has to be the most complex out of the quad!
Shenanigans looks mauve in some lights, olive green in others and sometimes golden
complete with multi coloured fine glitter particles which only add to it's complexity.
I can truly say I own nothing like this and is one that works well be it with light neutrals,
similar shades such as mauve or used with deep shades.
I find Shenangigans to be at it's best without the Pixie Epoxy as with it it turns much more
golden and seems to loose the extra tones.

General Notes
These are all well pigmented and very finely milled, they are of high quality without costing the earth.
Although they are loose in formula I had no problems when it came to application and found
them to be easily blended with other eyeshadows be they powder or cream.
With the Pixie Epoxy they pretty much stay in place until you decide to remove them
and this is with my oily lids but without a base I typically get around 8 hours wear.
All product shown are sample sizes and cost me $2 each (around £1.26 each).

You can purchase Fyrinnae direct from their web store (they ship internationally and quickly too,
my order too around to get to me!) - link