This is my second post out of three updates, to read about how the ReAura works a
and for my initial impressions please refer to this post - link.
Basically the Phillips ReAura Laser Skin Rejuvenation is a hand held tool
that you can use to fade age spots, skin pigmentation issues and fine lines
over a course of eight weeks.

I am now on week six with two more treatments to go...i'm rather excited to see the final results.
I decided that the best area for me to test this out would be the ugly pigmentation patch I have on my knee,
it's been there since I was little but after my teenage years of tanning (please spare your skin ladies and
do not bake in the sun or under the tanning beds) it got deeper and never faded.
I have of course seen a doctor and it's all okay but not exactly attractive so the opportunity to fade 
the patch was always going to be appealing.

So yes we are six weeks in and truthfully the first two treatments were the easiest, minimal pain,
redness and next to no general discomfort such as burning etc. However the fifth treatment seemed to hurt like a mother and was pretty intense, it burned and took a good 48 hours for the skin to stop tingling.
Needless to say the when it came to the sixth treatment I was scared to even begin but I gritted my teeth
and went through with it, luckily it went smoothly and was nothing like my fifth treatment!
A rather odd experience but perhaps I just had a temporary reaction? Who knows!

I bet most are wondering has my pigmentation patch faded, yes but as it has been a gradual process.
To begin with I was a little disappointed until I referred to my before photo which displayed how
well it has faded, if you do try the Phillips ReAura I highly suggest taking a before photo so you
can glance at it when you become a little jaded or feed up of the process.
I have two more treatments to complete then I will be update with my final thoughts.

Philips ReAura Laser Skin Rejuvenation £799  - link

- I have been sponsored to test this but the opinions in this post and my follow up's are my own.