I shall try and keep this as condensed as possible as I have a terrible habit of rambling on!
Basically along with many (and I mean many) other products Bourjois have released a mini summer
collection consisting of a repackaged bronzer, mascara a liquid liner ( I couldn't source it locally) and a new product in the form of a glitter spray...yup I did actually type that!

Bourjois Golden Shimmer Mist for Hair and Body
I'm guessing this is product that most will be intrigued by even if they don't want to admit it haha!
Initially I thought this was a bronzing spray with some element of shimmer...how wrong was I!
The Bourjois Golden Shimmer Mist for Hair and Body should be renamed to glitter mist
as it is essentially a glitter spray, I have a slight aversion to glitter spray on products as I used to be 
caked in the stuff when I used to dance. That being said this version is much more refined with a mix of golden and bronze specks of glitter that will really dazzle with a tan.
Truthfully I'm not all that sure when I would ever wear this in public but I can imagine it to go down 
a storm with the Ibiza crowd!

Time Trial - Truthfully I sprayed it on once and gave it away to a younger family member.
It's a glitter spray, it's meant to be fun and a pretty frivolous product,
that being said the base that contains the glitter is pretty adhesive and keeps the glitter in place well.
I'd expect wear of around 6 hours.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
I first tried the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder early last year and wasn't blown away
despite the hype that surrounded the product I found it to be really difficult to work with
and rather firm in texture which resulted in poor colour pay off. Well today I have changed my tune dramatically as this version is softer in texture, provides beautiful colour pay off and is a great mid toned
matte bronze for contouring light to mid skin tones or just generally warming up the skin tone.
The only think that I have to disagree with is the chocolate scent claim, yes the product has a distinct
scent but chocolate it ain't...think more musk mixed with talc and you'll have the general idea but all
in all a great bronzer which makes me believe that my original palette may have been a dud!

Time Trial - I tested this on three separate occasions and found it to wear for around 8 hours,
slightly less on a humid day but that is my skin type to blame.

Bourjois Black Jack Volume Clubbing Mascara 
Sorry Bourjois but I flat out refuse to substitute the "s" in mascara for a dollar sign, Shakespeare I am not
but even I draw the line there haha!
Anyway out of all the Bourjois mascaras I have tested over the years the clubbing formula is the one
I hold in highest esteem. Truthfully it is one of the drier mascara formulas which seems to work rather well with the natural fibre brush. I have to be honest and state that it does have a tendency to flake
after around 8 hours of wear but it does add volume and length beautifully.
I'm not a massive fan of colour enhanced mascaras but this has tiny flecks of golden shimmer which are meant to diffuse light in all honesty you really have to strain your eyes to notice said shimmer on the brush
let alone when applied.

Time Trial - I have been wearing this daily now for just over 10 days. 
It is my current mascara and I stick by my general findings.

The above Bourjois products are available now via Boots and Superdrug with prices starting at £6.99,
neither Boots nor Superdrug have listed this range online so you will have to pop in-store.
It's worth mentioning that Boots have a two for £11 on most Bourjois products!