Monday, August 06, 2012

L'Oreal Casting Creme in Chocolate - Review

I don't tend to colour my own hair mainly because I am lazy and once it reaches 
anything longer than shoulder length it works out to be approximately the same price
doing it at home due to having to buy three boxes as it does to visit the salon.
However I had a mini mad moment (some may argue my whole life is one long mad moment)
and picked up two boxes of L'Oreal Casting Creme in Chocolate which was more than optimistic on my part, given that said colourant is a semi-permanent and two boxes really is pushing my luck in terms of coverage.None the less I gave it a bash and I thought that perhaps my thoughts and experiences with 
L'Oreal Casting Creme's could benefit some.

Before I start I must stress that you really should do the recommend patch test that each at home colourant suggests to avoid any allergies serious or not! 

"Casting Crème Gloss is a no ammonia hair colourant that gives your hair visible shimmering tones, glossy shine and blends away grey. Give your hair a total beauty treatment with Casting Crème Gloss, for glossy rich, natural-looking colour with visible (lasts up to 28 washes)"

The colourant is really straight forward to use, simply follow the provided instructions but to give you a brief 
idea all you have to is mix two parts together, apply to dry hair and allow to develop for 20 minutes.
Rise, apply provided conditioner rise again then enjoy your new sexy shade!

So yes I settled on shade 535 Chocolate which looks like a typical chocolate brown going by the box model
but we all know that box models's their prerogative to taunt us with beautiful hair colours that you
will not achieve with a £6.99 box of die, cheeky minxes! The actual shade is pretty true to the swatch L'Oreal have provided here - link. In my opinion chocolate is a reddened brown that has lots of depth
and is more than your typical flat brown shade.

The box does state that this shade is best suited for darker blondes to brunettes but me being me ignored
that because sometimes I just like to play hard and loose baby! The way I see it is that it is only a semi-permanent hair colour if I don't like it a quite round of Color B4 and we are back to biggie.
Luckily for this fool it worked out well and I'm rather enjoying the red tones brunette shade I am currently sporting.

I promise it's better than my iphone will lead you to believe!

L'Oreal Casting Creme's are not permanent and are classed as semi-permanent hair colourants
which basically means with each shampoo they will fade and is the main reason you really should choose a
shade only slightly lighter or deeper than your natural hair shade to avoid obvious fading of colour.
I have dabbled with at home hair colours before and have to say this has to be one of the easiest I have used
as it doesn't drip nor stain any skin I touched by accident.
It has left my hair glossy, soft and in no worse condition to what I started with!

L'Oreal Casting Creme in Chocolate £6.49 via Boots - link

Have you tried this or anything similar?

P.S I very nearly titled this post my first semi...until it was pointed out to me that such title could be misconstrued. Damn my innocence and those with dirty minds.

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  1. your little p.s. comment has made me laugh so much my stomach hurts, ahahhahah

  2. haha I laughed at the ps comment too! Looks like a really nice colour :)

  3. haha at the PS comment. I always use the L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss dyes as they are so easy to apply and have great coverage. Lovely post, the colour of your new hair looks fabulous xx

  4. Haha you do make me laugh lady! ;)
    I have actually dyed my hair with this colour! It was a few years ago now and I used to get my mum to do it, much to her dismay ha!
    From what I remember it transformed my naturally dark dull brown hair to a nice warmer brown.
    Currently sporting an attempt at red hair with the XXL foam colour.... not bad I'll say, fading fast though :(

  5. I love your colour now!

  6. I love this brand of hair dye! I always use this brand but in a different colour (terracotta). You're right, it is very easy to use! I always buy one box - my hair is shoulder length but very thick - and I always have some left over which I use up anyway. The conditioner it comes with smells great too! As I dye my hair red you would expect it to fade quite fast bit it doesn't and stays in for way more than 6 weeks! In fact, it stays in so long that you can see my roots starting to grow through again!
    Your new hair colour looks great!

  7. i only used this last week and i love the results, it makes my hair so shiney!

  8. I just dyed my hair with Casting Creme in a darker shade and I love it. I've been red for so long and it got rid of all the manky brassiness!

    Your p.s. comment, oh dear. I vote for giving it that title anyway, nothing wrong with a semi! ;)

  9. i used to always use these hair-dyes but then after a while they would all fade to the same orangeyreddybrown colour. The initial colours are lovely though and they never damaged my hair :)


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  11. I swear by this hair dye, I've tried about 4/5 of their shades now! I find that they stay in my hair for way longer than 6-8 weeks when shampooing/conditioning ever other day, although one box is usually more than enough to cover my hair which is past my shoulders! xx

  12. me and my mum swear by this dye brand and always choose the 'chocolate' colours!! :) xo

  13. This is the EXACT hair colour I use. I made the switch from permanent to semi 6 months ago and have never looked back. My hair is in MUCH better condition and the same semi-perm colour at my fave hairdressers in £70!!! I have fine hair so I manage to get away with 1 box but Morrisons always have these colourants on BOGOHP which is great.

    I think the colour is gorge & it last much, much longer 28 days! x

  14. these are the best hair dyes because it's easier to change your hair if you get bored of the colour, the ones similar to your hair colour will add a different tone or sheen and the darker ones will add darkness but it will fade xxx

  15. These hair extensions are really good.
    I really like it.
    Its awesome.
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  16. Does the color eventually fade out and your original hair color get back to how it was? Please advise me as i wAs under the pretance that it is a temporary 2week dye that fades out completely .

  17. My hair is black.I had used this chocolate color and it did nothing..simply nothing.I just trashed my whole hair is still black and not a bit color changed.truly disappointed..


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