Friday, August 24, 2012

NATOrigin Eyeliners - Review

From the months of April to around late August, early September if I am really unlucky 
my eyes due to pollen allergies have a tendency to stream and itch at the slightest little thing.
Suffice to say I spend most of my summer looking like a small panda and always on the look out
for products that are suitable for my uber sensitive eyes and the odd bamboo cane...joke!

Now there is not much I can really say about the packaging as well it is a standard pencil style packaging
but they so sharpen well with minimal waste of product.
I have had the black pencil rolling around my bag for close to a month now and it sharpens as well as it did on day one, I hate when the lead in my liner breaks internally so this is a massive selling point for me.

"Hypoallergenic pencil eyeliner with a formulation rich in beeswax, oily extract of organic arctic raspberry seeds and organic shea butter. With natural soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Formulated according to the principles of bio-inertia to reduce the risk of intolerance and can be recommended for even the most sensitive eyes. 100% naturally sourced ingredients."

I have been testing three shades Black- which is a rich true black without leaning grey/blue on my skin tone
and a shade that will suit all skin tones/ eye colours, Lilac - this is more of a purple than Lilac in all honesty
but a lovely rich shade that will truly look amazing with green eyes and lastly Grey - which is a light shade
that has a brightening effect much like a white eye liner only less stark.

As the liners contain organic shea butter they glide on with such ease even on the water line.
All three shades required no effort in terms of colour pay off due to the great levels of pigmentation.
Most importantly they are a god send for those with sensitive eyes as they do not irritate at all,
even if a little fleck gets into the eye there is no endless streaming of watery eyes 
and ruined make-up as a result!
I tested these on my my upper and lower lash line and also my waterline, on the upper lash line I typically
got around 6 hours wear with my lower lash line it was closer to 5 and my waterline was around 4 hours
which is fairly typical for this style of liner in my personal experience.

If you have sensitive eyes this may be the formula you have been waiting for!

NATOrigin Eyeliners* £7.05/1.1g (each) via NATOrigin - link

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  1. Really like the look of the lilac xx Think it would help enhance green eyes xxx

  2. These look interesting, I prefer using a pencil on my waterline and sometime even my top lash line! If they are creamy in texture I might have to buy one! Thank you for this review :) x

    1. You must let me know how you get on :)

  3. Eyeliners are my real nemsis...I just cannot master them :(

    1. I struggle with liquid liners so I feel your pain!

  4. The purple one is my favourite!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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