This is one of the shades I picked up while on holiday in Palma in July 
but never got around to applying or testing out but last night I decided purple metallic nails
was exactly what my fickle heart required!

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in Heavy Metallic is of course a metallic finish bright purple shade,
unlike previous purple metallic shades I have tested in the past this is vibrant with a slight cerise
leaning that only adds to the beauty of this polish!
Sadly the finish isn't quite as glossy as I would have liked
but a quick coat of top coat solves that matter in seconds.

Apart from being a beautiful shade the formula is pretty much faultless
and opaque after one coat but being a habitual two coater I have doubled up
but you could easily get away with one coat if pushed for time.
I had no problems applying this shade, it applied faultlessly and dried in record time too!
The brush is pretty similar to the newer Essie polishes (diffusion line) it is small and stubby
and coats the nail in one even sweep but can be problematic if you have small nails.

Now here is the kicker Catrice is another brand that is not stocked in the UK
but you can find selected shades on eBay for pretty reasonable prices,
some start at £1.99 so it is well worth having a look!

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I no longer comment on the wear time as we all apply polishes differently (top/base coats etc) and as I change my polish almost daily sometimes several times a day due to swatching purposes I do not feel that I can fairly comment on wear time