So now I've had my dalliance with Lush Shower Gel and although it was a thoroughly enjoyable affair
of grapefruit goodness I knew deep down it would only be a temporary fling and the next time 
I frequented a Lust Store a wibbly wobbley shower gel would be mine once again!

"If a bar of soap and a bottle of shower gel had a steamy affair, this would be the resulting jelly baby
Cherries, coconut, jelly and sparkles – this is a party in a pot. 
Makes every day feel like it’s your birthday. 
This is a sweet, sweet little cutie-pie. We start this jelly by making an infusion with cherries and coconut, we then add carrageen seaweed and boil it up until it turns all jelly and wobbly on us. 
Then we have to get it into the mould quickly, before it sets in the pan !"

Lush Shower Gel's are probably one of the oddest yet most fun bath/shower products on the market,
much like the name suggests it is very much a jelly like substance that foams and cleanses
with contact of water much like a soap or shower gel would.
Lush state that you can chill it, freeze it or use it at room temperature - I only ever use it at room
temperature the idea of washing myself with a chilly cleansing block is less than appealing to me haha!

At first I found it quite tricky to use and would often drop the Jelly in the shower and spend
the next half an hour chasing this wet and slippery chunk of substance around the bathroom!
To make things easier I now just pull a small size piece off the product and use it for one shower
and rinse away the remains, a little wasteful yes but it seems to work best this way for me.

Lush Sweetie Pie is a difficult scent to pin point, the description states that it is a blend of cherry and coconut
so you do strain your nose desperate to detect such notes only to come to the conclusion it smells
more akin to blackcurrant than anything else and if we are going to get really specific - black wine gums!
I swear it smells exactly like black wine and my nose eh ;)

Yes the Shower Jelly does have glitter flecked scattered within but they do not amount to anything,
I have used this product countless times and never once have I looked glittery.
The Jelly does a great job of cleansing and does so in a gentle way making it great for all skin types
including those who have sensitive skin.

Do you like your Jelly on a plate or in the shower?

Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly starts at £3.10/100g via Lush - link