Monday, August 27, 2012

Fushi Really Good Hair Oil - Review

As some may be aware I have been trying to test lesser known brands
especially those who don't readily stock on the high street to add a little variety not only
to my blog but also my life...doesn't that sound deep and profound haha!
Anyway I was recently approached by Fushi which is a company that uses only 100% natural
ingredients that are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly not to mention all of the packaging used is
recyclable not mention each product is free from bulking and binding agents and any such nasty fillers!

I have been testing out some of the Award Winning products from the Fushi line
for around a fortnight now and can happily share my experiences on all three beginning with the
Really Good Hair Oil which is presented within a blackened glass bottle
and has been hailed a wonder product by both Hello! and Reveal Magazines.

This hair oil may just be the product that forever changes my mind about oil based hair products!
Fushi Really Good Hair Oil is a blend of Brahmi, Argan, Indian, Jasmine and Coconut oils,
the scent is quite natural and reminds me slightly of fresh cut herbs etc, unusual yes but not in any 
way offending to the senses.

The oil itself is slightly thicker to most oil based products I have used in the past,
it certainly feels so much more high quality than those which you find on the high street.
As it is highly concentrated a little goes a long way, so do approach with a less is more mantra.

You can use this in two ways - as an overnight treatment or as a pre-shampoo method.
Truthfully it really depends on the level of conditioning and repair you require but I have tried both methods,
overnight although a little messy does leave your hair super soft, shiny and over time will hep repair
damaged areas - I highly suggest this method if you bleach your hair or use a lot of heat.
As a pre shampoo treatment this instantly boosts the moisture levels of your hair
and leaves it looking and feeling like you have just stepped out of a top salon.

Neither method weighs down the hair or leaves it feeling greasy which is always my worry with oil products,
the oil washes out with ease and leaves behind no oily traces.
If you have dry, damaged hair or are simply looking for a deep conditioning treatment
then I can not recommend this enough!

Fushi Really Good Hair Oil* £15.95/100ml - link

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  1. I love the name of this, sounds like it works well for the product :)

    1. It really does :) and I hate oils haha!

  2. Looks fab, the ingredients list looks great too. I am way addicted to hair oils but will keep this on my radar for when I run out :)

    1. Oh cool :) can you recommend anything for crazy thick hair?

  3. How much exactly would you apply to your hair?

    1. It honestly depends on how thick and long your hair is, mine is below my shoulder and really think and I use around 3 caps full each application so very little on the whole :)

  4. It sounds really enticing! I mostly use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil which works and smells amazing, but I'm open to trying other products!

  5. I really like the sound of this! Just ran out of my Morrocan Oil so I am very tempted! I was just wondering, have you tried their Virgin Coconut Oil? I'm just reading up on it and it sounds almost too good to be true... xx

  6. Nice! But apart from softness, did it leave it more volumized? I love my hair oils, but also love volume, and til now the only thing that combines both is the morccanoil oil treatment, Would you say they are similar?

  7. thank u for the info, looks really good, I am using another good hair oil, it's pro naturals moroccan argan oil which is great and leaves my hair soft, shiny, frizz less and healthy. :)

  8. Hey!

    Great review :) I've just reviewed the Really Good Cellulite Oil, please have a read of my blog:


  9. Learning that this Good Hair Oil contains jasmine oil as well as coconut oil makes me think that it is indeed a good product. I bet the scent smells so good too!

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  11. Sounds like the very perfect product for me! I'm on the hunt for new hair products and this one sounds really good, thanks for the review. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  12. I want to try this so much, its the prettiest hair product I've ever seen. ...I think that it works well is just a bonus reason to buy:p

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