It saddens me a little that I haven't completed all that many products
and I'm not really all that sure why that is as I feel I have made more effort to
be frugal and complete products now than I have in the past.
Not to worry, I will simply have to try harder next month!

Anyway on to what I finished and if I will be repurchasing...

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
I had a little scalp upset this month so I haven't been able to use quite as often as I would
have liked but two full pots in a month isn't too shabby and I do feel it works wonderfully well.
I have noticed a difference in both my hairs length and condition and can not recommend it enough
for those who are trying to grow their hair!

Yep, I may have lost the cap...

My Face Cosmetics Foundation
I really do like this foundation and found it to work wonderfully well with my oily skin
while offering a high level of coverage.
As much I enjoyed using this product I will be waiting until I have worked my way through
my foundation stash before repurchasing...perhaps next summer?

Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover
By far my favourite nail polish remover,
it removes polish without any effort and helps to keep my nails long and strong.
For less than £2 you really can not beat it and it's one that I will repurchase
time and time again!

Wet Ones Be Cute
I don't tend to buy wipes targeted specifically for hand use but I was caught short 
in town after nibbling my lunch and the only thing I could source immediately was
packs of Wet Ones!
While they cleanse hands just fine they are a little too strongly scented for my taste
and I would prefer a larger pack, 12 wipes just isn't great value considering the cost me over £3!

Paris Hilton EDP
I have had this mini bottle of perfume in my bag for what feels like eternity
and have been rationing myself so it doesn't run out, don't get me wrong it is as cheap as chips (around £8 a bottle) but I have numerous full bottles of scent that must be used up before I add any more additions
to my collection!

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Intensive Hair Mask
I seem to go through so much more conditioner than shampoo,
is that the case for most of you as well?
This mask works amazing well on thick, coarse hair which mine is at the moment,
I have been using this as a daily conditioner and have found it to deeply nourish
and hydrate without weighing down my hair.
If you a similar hair type to myself I highly suggest picking up a pot or two!

Have you finished many products this month?