Another two polishes from the Snow White and Essence collaboration
which I was able to get my chubby mitts on massive thanks to the lovely Sue 
who I owe a good few long vodka's for her boundless generosity!

I'm a sucker for a good glitter top coat and Essence have nailed it (no pun intended, happy coincidence)
with their Special Effect Nail Toppers which are larger in size than the standard Essence polish,
these weigh in at 10ml each and are very similar in terms of packaging to their sister brand Catrice.
The brush is identical to those found in the Catrice polishes too - small and chunky which 
works rather well with the glitter formula.

A little application tip is to dab the chunky glitter top coat on and if you want to position
any of the glitter chunks use the pointed end of an orange stick to slide them into place.

Evil Queen
I truly adore this polish, large purple glitter chunks that are hexagonal in shape
suspended within a clear base coat, okay it is a pain in the butt to apply -
the glitter doesn't want to come off the brush but the clear base coat does,
which means you do have to fiddle around with the brush and your temperament to get decent results.
Yet once it's on you seem to forget about all the hassle and enjoy the beauty of the purple spangles
on your nails, this also takes forever to have been warned.

The Huntsman
Essence The Huntsman is a clear base coat with tiny flecks of copper gold and larger hexagonal
chunks of copper glitter which in some lights reflects lighter gold.
Out of the two this is the easiest to apply and the quickest drying,
I also think this one is the most universal as it can be layered over most nail colours without clashing. 

I honestly have no idea where stocks Essence but they do have a website
which may be more of a help - link.

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I no longer comment on the wear time as we all apply polishes differently (top/base coats etc) and as I change my polish almost daily sometimes several times a day due to swatching purposes I do not feel that I can fairly comment on wear time.