Dr Jart + BB Creams are held in high esteem in their home country of Korea
so when they hit the UK shores they caused quite a buzz and for a while there was no escaping
the reviews and general chit chit about the newest BB cream on the UK market.
The Dr Jart + BB Creams come in four variants Water Fuse, Regenerating, Platinum
and Premium all of which contain SPF's and are targeted at specific skin types.

I have been testing out the Water Fuse variation which is the option targeted at oily/combination skin types,
it is oil free, has an SPF 25and aims to control excess oil production while evening out the skin tone.
The first thing you will notice when you  test any Dr Jart + BB Cream is the consistency and texture,
it's thick and creamy, super hydrating yet provides a decent amount of coverage.

As this is an Asian formula I did find the one shade suits all a little too light for my skin tone,
it tends to wash me out with the grey tone and gives the impression of being ill.
However that is my skin tone to fault on most light skin tones this will work wonderfully so
and blend out to match your skin tone but if you are tanned/medium skin toned or have dark skin
sadly this is one you will have to skip which is a shame as the formula is great!

If I was to compare the consistency to anything I would liken it to a cross between an expensive night
cream and a high end cream based foundation - it does feel really luxurious and despite being fairly thick it
applies with ease and feels pretty much weightless on the skin.
Once applied I would say it covers in the same way a mid coverage foundation does,
it brightens and evens out the skin tone but you may find you need a little extra coverage in troublesome areas but truthfully it covers rather well without masking the skin with a soft dewy finish.
I did not find it to settle into my enlarged pores and I would imagine it to behave in the same way 
as far as fine lines are concerned.

Truthfully I did not find this to help at all with the excess oil my face often produces (lovely image right there)
but it didn't add to the problem either so all is not a loss.
It does wear really well and showed no signs of faltering after a good 8 hours but
I would say the oiliness set in around the 5 hour mark but with a quick dust of powder it is easily sorted.

Dr Jart + Water Fuse BB Cream* 50ml/£18 via Boots - link