A little while back the lovely Sue from Cherry Sue Doin' the Do posted a photo
of the Snow White and Essence collection and being the big Disney geek that I am I all but drooled
over the collection while crying into my iphone safe in the knowledge that such polishes would not be mine!
Along with Sephora I pretty much demand that Essence and Catrice hawk their wares in the UK,
it would make myself and many other beauty addicts very happy bunnies indeed!
Anyway the blinking lovely Sue picked up a few pieces for me which arrived today (with a tea bag haha)
so I thought i'd get crack a lacking with the swatches.

First up we have five of the seven Dwarfs which are the smaller sized bottles from Essence,
each bottle contains 5ml of polish so although small there is more than enough for several applications.
The brush inside the Essence polishes is pretty standard and easy enough to use.

Essence Sleepy
Sleepy is a mid toned blue that is a crème type formula but does lack the high gloss finish
that comes with many crème polishes.
In the bottle it does appear that it will have a duo chrome effect with a slight lavender reflective quality
but that does not translate quite so well when on the nails.
Although not an outright dupe Barry M Blue Moon is pretty similar.
I found Sleepy to be opaque after two coats but it did take forever and a day to dry
and smudged a good few times due to my impatience...oops!

Essence Dopey
Dopey is probably my favourite out of the five, it's a light yet bright lilac polish which is again 
crème in finish with a light scattering of fine silver glitter flecks.
I have nothing like this in my collection at all but you could achieve similar results by applying a light
lilac base coat and then layering over a silver glitter polish.
This required two coats to become opaque and had a slightly more glossy finish than Sleepy.

Essence Doc
Doc is a bright yellow based orange that reminds me of pumpkins (i'm always in Halloween mode!),
it is a lovely shade that is bright and packs a punch without being neon.
This is a fantastic shade to pair with a tan but due to it not being neon it will also work well in Autumn
and of course as mentioned during Halloween too!
I don't own anything quite as yellow based as Doc but to the naked eye I guess it is a typical orange
so it shouldn't be that hard to find something similar.
This much like the others required two coats and had a light sheen finish.

Essence Happy
Happy is of course a yellow shade (it really couldn't have been much else)
but rather than being an in your face intense yellow tone it is actually rather muted and more of a mustard
which is prefect for the upcoming Autumn/Fall.
I have no dupes for this shade, this did require three coats for full opaque coverage
and again is crème in formula with a light glossy finish.

Essence Bashful
Bashful is such a pretty and an original shade which again is perfect for the upcoming fall/autumn seasons.
Yes this is a forest green polish but if you look up close Bashful contains tiny particles of golden shimmer
which adds a beautiful dimension and makes it a little more special than your typical green polish.
This again required two coats and isn't quite as crème as the others and in turn is not as glossy
in finish either.

I honestly have no idea where stocks Essence but they do have a website
which may be more of a help - link.

Do check out Sue's blog though she is fab! - link

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I no longer comment on the wear time as we all apply polishes differently (top/base coats etc) and as I change my polish almost daily sometimes several times a day due to swatching purposes I do not feel that I can fairly comment on wear time.