I have a rule when it comes to shower products - one out, one in.
You'd be forgiven for thinking that is the Sunday household shower schedule but
basically I will not buy anything to lather up with until I have finished the shower gel I am using!
I hate waste and I hate having 101 bottles in the bathroom, I bet you didn't think I knew the meaning of
the word resistant haha!

I do enjoy the occasional trip to Lush but I do find it a little offending to the senses...too many scents
at once makes my head explode and a word to the wise, NEVER EVER set foot inside during a Lush
party! Crazy 10 year old girls hyped up on sugar and Justin Beiber...I'm still recovering.

Anyway during my last visit I decided it was time to step away from the Shower Jellies
and try out a shower gel, the only Lush shower gel I have tested up until now is Snow Fairy
which is pink fluffy heaven in a bottle...I can  not wait for the Christmas stock to arrive for my fix!

In-between being scared for my life and sanity during said trip I settled on a fruity little number called 
Happy Hippy - I like Hippies and I like being happy so it seemed like the perfect choice.
Not to mildly scented with a light yet fresh dash of Grapefruit making it the perfect choice for morning showers when I need a wake up call!
Sometimes grapefruit can be a little sweet and sickly but this scent has been coupled with a light lemon
note to soften the grapefruit kick.

As with most Lush shower gels you can use this as a body or hair cleanser, 
I don't recommend it as a shampoo as it can be a little harsh and drying particularly if you have dyed hair.
However as a body wash it is great, it lathers up wonderfully, leaves you squeaky clean
and does not dry out the skin while leaving you delicately wrapped in a fruity scent perfect for rainy days
like today when summer seems like a distant memory!

Are you a Happy Hippy (sorry I couldn't resist)?

Lush Happy Hippy starts at £3.15/100g - link