I'm sure you are all sick to the back teeth of my bemoaning of my oily skin ( I know I am)
but it does have it's uses, it allows me to test oil control claiming products and hopefully help
fellow oilies (we're a real gang, expect to see our documentary on the crime channel some day soon).

My newest oil busting product is MAC Oil Control Lotion which comes in a small 30ml
squeeze style tube that is pleasing enough in a minimalist sort of way and
works well at dispensing the product with minimum fuss or mess.
The dinky size also makes it great to chuck in a handbag without adding unnecessary bulk
and the perfect size for taking away with you on your travels.

Essentially this is a mattifying moisturiser that shares the same familiar scent of  MAC Fix+
(light, fresh with a an aquatic type of fragrance) and is very runny and loose in texture
but it does state that it is a lotion so that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise
however do use a less is more approach to avoid dispensing too much product in one go!
It does not contain any SPF protection.

Basically you use this product as you would with an other moisturiser,
in my case I apply in the morning before I apply my primer and then the rest of my make-up.
I don't use this at night as I don't really need matte skin in bed!
I'm going to be truthful an say yes it does provide a matte base to work with but 
it does not keep oil at bay throughout the day -maybe 3-4 hours at a push.
MAC Oil Control Lotion does however lightly hydrate oily skin without being heavy
or adding to the excess oil situation.

In order to stop rambling on i'm going to finish by saying that MAC Oil Control Lotion is good
but I have tried better namely The Body Shop's Seaweed range, that being said I would
probably pick this up again for travelling.

MAC Oil Control Lotion 30ml/£12.50 - link