Firstly does anyone else despise the word cloths?
To me it looks like there should be more letters to it, like something is missing...cloths, what a horrid word.
Anyway random rant of the day out of the way (Jay-Z should be in awe at mad crazy rhyming skills son)
and on to what I now deem my back up plan of the skin care world!

For my intense cleansing (first thing in the morning and last thing at night) I do rely on muslin cloths 
as not only are their efficient but kind to the skin and environment too but when I comes to a quick
wipe down with a water type cleanser I like to use Kleenex Facial Cloths.
I essentially use this process in place of a typical wet wipe, I can't relax at home unless I remove the bulk
of my make-up and when dinner is plated and Four in a Bed is on the TV the last thing I want to do
is take forever and a day to cleanse.

All well and good but what are Kleenex Facial Cloths some will be asking at this point.
Kleenex Facial Cloths are in laymen's terms large cotton pads only they don't seem to absorb
quite as much product as a typical cotton based item not to mention a little softer and sturdier.
They can be used wet or dry and with a whole slew of products from cleansers to nail polish removers.
Truthfully I do fine them to work best with cream and water based products,
anything that foams doesn't bode quite so well but cream/water cleansers work a treat
as do nail polish removers.

One cloth is large enough to cleanse my entire face and neck with ease
so a pack of 30 does last me quite some time and they are far superior to bog standard cotton wool
pads in my opinion without being much more expensive.

Have you tried the Kleenex Facial Cloths? What did you think?

Kleenex Facial Cloths cost £1.99 from Boots, Superdrug and selected supermarkets/chemists - link