If this polish looks familiar then it is because around two years ago this was released
alongside the Disney Villains collection and pretty much sold out on the spot.
Mac aren't really known for their polishes and what has been said online isn't always glowing
but Mac are having a proper stab at the polish market with a permanent line that at the moment 
includes 30 nail polishes some of which used to be limited edition such as Mean and Green.
Now at £10 a polish I will not be featuring many shades over the coming months
as I'm a tight wad and would rather have ten cheap polishes that perform well 
rather than have one mediocre expensive polish
That being said it is nice to indulge every now and then especially if the shade is special
and pretty difficult on the high street.

Mean and Green is a shade I would place in the petrol or oil on water category,
depending on how the light hits the polish it reflects a whole spectrum of shades
but Mac officially list it as purple with teal multi changing pearl which pretty much sums it up
but to elaborate a little further in most lights my bottle mostly gleams an olive green
with a deep pink purple duo chrome with the odd shot of old gold glimmer.
MAC list this as a pearl formula but it is more metallic with a glossy finish.

Before I typed up this review I wanted to read how the old formula preformed and what the main issues
happened to be if any, I noticed that a few grumbled about the brush and truthfully I did spot
a few splayed brushes with the 2010 version.
Happily my brush is fine, slightly narrow which works well with my nail shape.
I also find the rubberised cap easy to grip and control so it seems that issue has been resolved.
Most stated that the old formula required three thick coats to become opaque and took quite a while to dry,
the drying time presented no problems and dried quickly in my opinion but I'm afraid it is still a three coater.
I didn't really find this all that troublesome to remove.

After testing two MAC polishes I really don't understand the hate for them at all,
they don't seem all that different to a typical high street polish - at £10 a pop they should be superior,
I get that, I really do but they are not in my experience the worst brand I have encountered.
Perhaps MAC have reformulated and upped their game, all I will say is if you see a shade you simply
must have is that you should give the formula a chance.

What are your thoughts?

MAC Mean and Green £10/10ml - link

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I no longer comment on the wear time as we all apply polishes differently (top/base coats etc) and as I change my polish almost daily sometimes several times a day due to swatching purposes I do not feel that I can fairly comment on wear time.