I try my hardest not to get suckered in by advertisements by this I mean no team or
the power of the airbrush tool will ever allow me to look like a supermodel so how one product 
will ever achieve this is beyond me!
Yet that does not stop me dreaming of glorious hair that such adverts promote,
damn you Doutzen Kroes and your super swishy liquid gold hair!

The latest hair product that had me jumping through loops to purchase was L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil,
seems I'm not the only one captivated by Ms Kroes luscious locks as it seemed to be sold out
pretty much everywhere until one kind Superdrug employee put a bottle aside for me to collect,
thank you kind sir you have made this pint sized Glaswegian a happy bunny!

Anyway I'm not going to beat around the bush, the packaging is nothing to write home about
but it does have a hair salon type of appeal and the pump function is really handy.
Scent wise I thought it would be more pleasant and have some sort of fragrance
but this has a chemical scent that is very similar to that of a hairspray,
in truthfulness all of that is irrelevant as long as the product lives up to it's exceptions!

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil comes in two variations - one suitable for all and one that specifically targets
coloured hair, I went for the latter as I haven't seen my natural hair colour in close to 10 years.
Both the oils are versatile in terms of use, you can use it as a pre- shampoo treatment, as a styling aide
for use on both dry and wet hair or as a finishing touch.

My preferred use is the pre-shampoo treatment method, I say it all the time but oils and me don't bode well.
I really dislike the sensation of oil be it on my hair or skin so the concept of having the benefit of
the oils without the residue is more than appealing...I really should suck it up and convert to oil based
products but I'm not quite man enough yet!
Anyway to use as a pre-shampoo treatment you simply apply a few drops to the palm of your hands,
rub together and dispense throughout the hair, L'Oreal don't really specify what you should do further than 
that but I like to wrap an old towel around my head and leave for around 15 minutes before washing
my hair as I usually would.
The pre-shampoo treatment is marketed as being a treatment to protect coloured hair - fading/damage
but I have also found that it adds extra shine, softness and stops my hair from tangling. 
I did try this on wet hair before blow drying and found it to give a wonderful glossy finish
especially when used in straight styles.

Truthfully I do find the oil a little heavy and it is not something I apply with every hair wash,
it's more of a weekly treatment product for me.
For reference I do have thick/wavy hair that doesn't really become easily bogged down with product
so if I find it heavy going I do feel that finer hair types will struggle with this product.
I am of course only guessing based on my experience this could well work wonderfully with fine
hair so if you have tried it and disagree don't be afraid to let me know!

To sum up, I am a fan when used as an occasional treatment but it is not one I rely on daily.

Time Trial - I have tested this over a three week period.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is currently on offer via Boots for £6.66/100ml - link
and £9.99 else where such as Superdrug etc, so if you fancy giving this a whirl I'd head to
Boots and soon!