Sorry I'm a little behind on sharing my review, truthfully it's took me a little longer than usual
to get through the contents this month but I got there in the end, what a trooper I am ...NOT!
Unless you count cussing, which you shouldn't because each time you swear a fairy loses it's lie.
Anyway the July box is based around festival essential so let's crack on!

Elizabeth Arden Sample Sachet Pack and a mini Skin Balancing Lotion
Other than the famous 8 hour cream I have tried very little from Elizabeth Arden,
it 's not really a brand that jumps out to me and I deem it more a granny brand (terrible I know)
but we all have our misconceptions of brands...look at me pretending I am the voice of the people!
Anyway the sample pack which was an added extra didn't have enough product in each satchet
to really judge the contents but nothing broke me out which is always a plus point.
The mini Skin Balancing Lotion was actually rather lovely, it lasted me around 5 applications (face/neck)
and was light, hydrating which always bodes well with my skin type.
So I went from deeming Elizabeth Arden a blue rinse brigade brand to considering purchasing a full size 
product...quite the turn around wouldn't you agree.

HD Brows Eyebrow Palette in Vamp
By far the stand out product in my box and the one thing that I was so excited to see
as I have recently went from being blonde to brunette so this saved me splashing out a new kit for my brows!
Vamp consists of four shades best suited to brunettes or raven haired beauties, you can use each 
shade individually or mix to form your own individual tone.
Not only can the powders be used on the eyebrows but also as eyeshadows so it's a space saver too!
The powders are well pigmented, easy to apply, blend and the applicator that features alongside the palette
isn't half bad either...that's a first.

Jelly Pong Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting
If awards were dished out for best scented lip product this would beat them all...hands down.
I can't make a gushing statement like that and not elaborate, well this smells and tastes exactly like
strawbs by Haribo...yum, yum!
That aside Irish Cream is a bright pink shimmer based glossy lip product that tints
and moisturises the lips. A really lovely product all round.

Monuspa Golden Glow 
This has an odd scent and did nothing to my skin tone.
I applied it to one arm two nights in a row - I left the other arm natural so I could show the results
but nothing happened, I hate to be a Debbie Downer and do always look for any positive points
rather than writing a product off completely. In this instance it does moisturise slightly
so I guess all is not a loss but it's not a product I'd revisit.

Clynol Colour & Care Colour Shampoo
I have used this shampoo for a full week - I wash my hair daily, (I know it's not great
for the general condition but I'm a little bit obsessive and feel dirty if I don't)
and I still have a 1/3 of this bottle left which really surprises me as I'm a little product heavy handed!
Anyway this lathers wonderfully, cleans deep down without being harsh or stripping the hair colour
and leaves my hair looking and feeling glossy, another product I will be looking into purchasing the full size version off!

So that's my thoughts on this months box, what are yours?
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