The Electric Cool collection hasn't really made much of a splash in the beauty world,
I haven't truly seen many reviews on the collective and although I am not the biggest 
eyeshadow fan curiosity got the better of me and I ordered two neutral surprise there!

The packaging is of course plain black matte with a small transparent window that exposes the shade inside,
pretty handy when you are in a rush or have an expansive make-up collection.
However unlike most of MAC's solo eyeshadow's instead of featuring a flip top design these have screw on
lids which don't alter the product or ease of use but my gosh do they look cheap
and more akin to the nasty knock off's that are only too common on eBay these days!
I really hate grumbling about broken products but both of mine have arrived in a pretty mess state,
one has attached itself to the screw off lid and the other has split in two, not something you really
want from any new product let alone one that retails for £14.50 each.
They are usable but do check your purchase before leaving the store.

The two shades I settled for are Pure Flash! which is listed as a light champagne shade which I agree with,
it is a mid toned frost finish beige which has a slight pink tone, truthfully it won't win awards for originality in terms of shade but it is a pretty highlight type of colour. The other variation I bought is Superwatt which
Mac deem to be a light shimmering taupe and again I whole heartedly agree. Superwatt is a stunning blend of purple and brown and one that will catch any lover of Mac's Satin Taupe eye!
Both shades have a metallic finish with traces of fine shimmer.

The texture of the Electric Cool shadows is bizarre, it has a slightly springy/bouncy feel,
if you have tested Maybelline's Bouncy Blushes then you will know exactly what I mean,
if not they are essentially a cross between powder and foam...a very odd yet fun texture haha!
Due to the state mine arrived in I do have to state that the formula is not all that robust
and not one to lug about in your handbag as it will shatter!
So yes they are slightly bouncy but they have a soft silken sensation when applied
which is not all that dissimilar to L'Oreal's Infallible eyeshadows.
Unlike the Infallible eyeshadows these do tend to apply rather on the sheer side,
you can build the formula up but I did find it a little troublesome with it having a tendency to crease.
That's not to say it's not achievable with a little work and a good primer as my oily lids are often to blame for such causes - typically I found them to wear for around 7 hours before creasing.
Other than them being a little on the sheer side I didn't really encounter any other problems,
for those wondering I applied using a MAC 249 but any flat eye brush should suffice.

Time Trial - I wore each shade separately (not one on each eyelid that is just crazy haha) 
on two separate days and have no desire to re-visit the formula. 

Overall for £14.50 they are not must haves especially when the L'Oreal Infallible formula
offers similar yet more superior results but if you want something a little different 
and enjoy sheer eyeshadows then they may be for you.

MAC Electric Cool Eye Shadows (limited edition) £14.50/2.1g - link