It's no secret that I love Rose scented products and I can actually trace back how it all started,
growing up (and still) my granny always had roses both in the front garden and in the back
and she would sometimes let me "steal" a few which I would pluck the petals off of and place in water
to make my own child like perfume...has anyone else ever did that?

Well a few weeks ago I was in The Body Shop doing my usual, spritzing a little of this,
swatching a little of that when I stumbled across their scents of the world collection and my eye
was instantly drawn to the Atlas Mountain Rose range which on packaging alone I was sold,
a pretty pink eastern inspired logo with pink liquid still my beating heart!

I knowing hailing from Britain that I should be an advocate for British roses
but truthfully those from Eastern Europe such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco (which inspired this scent)
are more fragrant and generally more appealing to the senses.
Should you ever visit any of those three countries you must indulge in a few local rose purchases
such as rose water as you honestly can not get the same quality back home,
assuming you are from the UK of course.

The Body Shop Atlas Rose Fragrance is a beautiful powder rose scent that is powerful
yet light keep in mind I have the body mist and not the eau de toilette.
It smells pretty authentic and almost akin to the Bulgarian Rose EDT scent (you can pick it up on eBay),
for me this reminds me of warm evenings spent in Bulgaria - our whole resort smelled of roses
as just like myself every woman their splashed on the local Bulgarian Rose EDT  scent.

All in all a great scent that really does capture the fragrance of eastern roses
and one for all those rose lovers out there!
The Body Shop have some amazing scents in at the moment, I plan on picking up a few more from the
Scents of the World collection and their summer fragrances too.
So what if it's raining outside inside it can be a fiesta haha!

The Body Shop Atlas Rose Fragrance Mist £7/100ml - link.

Psst for those wondering yes the rose in the photos is from my granny's garden.