Let me just begin by saying I am no advocate of facial wipes
but like everything else they have their uses and are a great addition to any handbag
as they can remove your make-up when travelling, freshen and revitalise the skin,
somewhat cleanse the hands and mop up spillages.
However they do not in my opinion replace a proper cleansing routine!

It is sods law that the brand the facial wipes I like don't actually stock within the UK
but luckily I have just done a swap with the lovely Papish who knows how much I like these wipes
and popped a pack in the post for me - thank you again lovely!

If you do live in the parts of Europe that stock Essence then I highly suggest picking up a pack
of these wipes as they are robust, thick and moist yet cheap as chips (just over a Euro).
They cleanse effectively without drying out the skin and are gentle enough to use on the eyes
if needs be, not to mention they have a lovely fresh scent - lime and cucumber!
I have blemish prone skin and this is one of the very few brands of facial wipes that I have used
that did not irritate my skin and are a joy to use occasionally!

If like myself you can not easily get your hands on Essence products the other brand
I stock up on to keep in my handbag or in the car etc is Boots Cucumber Facial Wipes - link
they again cost very little (3 packs for £3) and do they job nicely.
However they aren't quite as thick as the Essence variety and not quite as moist
but for on the go cleansing they are good to have at hand!

Are you like me a little adverse to facial wipes or do you use them daily?