Thursday, August 23, 2012

L'Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Cream - Review

Newly launched by L'Occitane is their Bonne Mere collection which is a two scent range - milk or honey
that features body washes, hand washes and an all in one gentle cream each of which is suitable
for the whole family.

"Enriched with moisturising and shooting white mallow milk, this rich but non-greasy moisturising cream may be used on face, body or hands. Smooth and light, the formula penetrates quickly to leave skin instantly soft and hydrated. Tested under dermalogical control, this hypoallergenic cream is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.Not for use on children under the age of 3 years."

The item that intrigued me most was the gentle cream which is suitable for the hands, body and face.
My lotions and creams are suitable for both the hands and body but very seldom do they claim that they
can be used on the face as well as the body - it usually one or the other!

As I am not a fan of honey scents I went for the milk scent option which is lovely and fresh
with a delicate almost powdery scent. It doesn't really smell of much but to narrow it down 
and give you a basic scent idea i'd say it reminds me of baby lotion in terms of fragrance.

The cream itself is thick with a smooth almost gel like consistency, it is easily dispensed from the tube
and absorbed into skin within moments without any greasy sensation or residue.
Personally I find this a little too rich for use on the face but in an emergency or for occasional use
on the face it won't present any problems and may actually be a good bet for drier skins
as it is a thick super moisturising formula.

All in all this is a great little tube of cream to keep near for moisturising any where on your body
and would be a wonderful space saver for those who travel frequently.

L'Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Cream* £14/75ml - link

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  1. i love the packaging - looks wholesome like milk & honey generally is supposed to be.

    nice review. x

    1. I couldn't agree more :)it has a slight vintage feel too doesn't it and thank you :)

  2. this sounds lovely- shame i don't need any more moisturiser, got stacks of the stuff!

  3. This sounds nice, and the packaging is lovely. Must add to my huge ass wish list! x

  4. Love L'occitane, enjoying their Ambre perfume at the moment and lemon scrubby soap (sorry can't remember the name! Dooh!)

    1. Ooh that does sound yummy I must investigate the site :)


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