I've now had my August box for over a week and had the chance to trial the products inside
and can now share my views on each item and if I would repurchase any of the contents.
This month the box had an international theme with products from all over the globe
but it did seem to divide us all...

Alessandro (Germany) - Pro White
An optically brightening nail polish that counters any yellow tones of the nails
from polish staining, my fingernails don't have any staining due to me using various bases
to strengthen my nails but my toe nails sometimes suffer as I'm a little negligent and I do favour deep shades
on my tootsies which are prone to staining!
I've popped this on a few times and it does brighten the nail and reduce the appearance of yellow staining
although not completely stain free there is a difference and it is a product that I will continue to use.

DHC (Japan) Deep Cleansing Oil 
This little bottle of oil has a medicinal scent and does claim that once you use it you
will be so blown away that you will declare it the best cleanser you have ever encountered!
Fat chance of that! Yes it is a nice enough product but I didn't feel it was all that revolutionary
and the fact that it is oil based was never going to bode with my oily skin.
Instead of feeling cleansed my skin felt tacky and there was a definite layer of residue left behind.
Not a product I will be revisiting any time soon!

Broadway Nails (USA) imPress Press-On Manicure 
I have tried these before and for press on nails they are fairly decent
but do fall short of their up to a week wear claim as I found some to pop off around the
end of day one and most to be gone by the second day.
The shade I received is lovely but the width is a little too thick for my nail beds
and the length is too short for my natural nails so they are better suited to someone who doesn't have small hands with long nails haha!
For me they are a great option for perhaps a special event or evening out
but for pro-longed periods the adhesive is not robust enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

Vera Valenti (Spain) L'ombre a Puapiere Margarita 
I'll level with you, I didn't bother testing this out.
It looked cheap, it smelt cheap (high talcum scent)
and I worried it would irritate my skin so I left it well alone...sorry!

Lipcote (UK) 
It rather seems you love or loathe Lipcote doesn't it?
I personally really enjoy this product and find it to be a great way to seal lipstick in place
particularly red shades which have a tendency to get everywhere!
Yes it does tingle and it doesn't taste particularly great but it does exactly what it claims to
and I will always have a little bottle in my stash ready for nights out and red lipstick!

Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink 
This is technically a freebie but in my opinion one of the best products in the box,
Glossy Pink is a mid toned pink which a lovely brown undertone.
It is the prefect everyday shade for me and the formula is not too bad either, not drying 
and with a light sheen!

So what did you think of your box now you have had time to test out the contents?

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